DIY Glitter Gumball Machine Santa Decor

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Turn a glass gumball machine into a darling Santa decoration.

DIY Gumball Machine Santa Claus Decor Craft Project with #glitterit

When I found this jar at the craft store, I immediately wanted to take it home and turn it into a glittery Santa Claus. With Glitter-It! from Beacon, it is so easy and fun to make the inside of glass vessels turn from boring see through glass to dazzling sparkles of color with glitter. I am pretty sure he just might be the most adorable gumball machine Santa in all the world.

Materials and Supplies Needed

  • Glitter-It! from Beacon
  • Glass Gumball Machine
  • Red Chunky Mixed Glitter
  • Kunin Classic Felt (White)
  • Red Brush Tree
  • Felt Ball (Nose)
  • Skin Tone Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush

Directions for Using Glitter-It!

Using Glitter-It is as easy as 1-2-3. I have found that it works the very best when being applied to clean, dry glass with chunky glitter!

  1. Unscrew cap of Glitter-It! and pour a small amount into vessel (gumball machine). Swirl around to coat the entire inner surface. Add more if needed. Drain Glitter-It! from vessel before adding glitter. Be sure that the entire inner surface is well coated with Glitter-It! before adding glitter.
  2. Immediately add about glitter. Rotate and shake vessel around until the inside of the vessel is completely covered with glitter. If necessary, add additional Glitter-It! and glitter until all areas are covered.
  3. Turn vessel upside down and shake away any excess glitter. Let dry!

Here are the directions to make a gumball machine Santa in more detail!

Step One

Take the lid off of the gumball machine. Pour the Glitter-It! in and put the lid back on.

Swirl around and evenly coat the entire inside of the machine.

Step Two

Remove the lid and add glitter. I used a lot just to be sure it coated well. Put the lid back on Shake it around until the insides are all coated then dump excess glitter out. Let it dry.

Step Three – Making the Gumball Machine Santa

Paint a face on the gumball machine to start making Santa.

Turn the gumball machine into a Santa by adding a red brush tree as a hat. I love this red glitter tree and found it to work perfectly by simply removing the wire stem and attaching it with hot glue.

Use felt to add a handmade pom to the top of the hat and a band around the middle.

Cut a piece of white faux fur for the beard and attach a white felt mustache along with a felt ball nose. Add them to the gumball machine with the hot glue.

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