Harry Potter Wand Christmas Tree Ornament DIY

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Harry Potter Wand Christmas Tree Ornament DIY

Christmas is such a magical time of year! This Harry Potter Wand Christmas Tree Ornament is a fabulous addition to add to a Harry Potter themed tree.  It is also really fun to tie on to a gift. Making the wands is a great craft project for the entire family. It creates a wonderful opportunity to work on a holiday decor theme that makes everyone feel included. Let’s get started! Harry Potter Wand Ornament Christmas Tree Craft

Materials Needed for  a Harry Potter Wand Christmas Tree Ornament

Directions to Make a Harry Potter Wand Christmas Tree Ornament

Step One:

Brush all of the dirt off of the sticks.  Plug in your hot glue gun and let it heat up.

Step Two:

Drizzle hot glue on the stick either randomly or in patterns.  After the glue cooled completely, it is optional to go back and add extra glue to get more details if desired.

Step Three:

Create a pallet for your paints.  I like to use a white plate because the paint comes off the ceramic so easily.

Step Four:

With a paintbrush, mix the paints as desired and paint the sticks.  Because this is messy, you might want to have a covering on your countertop or table first.

Step Five:

Once the paint is completely dry, tie a piece of twine to the wand to create a hanger so it can easily be added to the Christmas tree. Harry Potter Wand Christmas Ornament #harrypotterornament #harrypotterchristmas

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