How to Get Started with Diamond Painting for Beginners

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How to Get Started with Diamond Painting

Last week I had two of my bestest and most creative friends in town for a few day of making and creating. We all tried diamond painting for the first time and learned so much about the steps and the process. I am super excited about sharing what we all made and the things the knowledge that came with making our masterpieces.

Beginner Diamond Dotz Projects

Before I get into the details, I do want to share that I find painting with Diamond Dotz to be way more fun than I ever imagined. It is relaxing, calming and also rewarding.

How to Get Started with Diamond Painting

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Diamond Dotzies Stickers

One of the fabulous products that you can purchase to get going with this type of painting is called Dotzies. These are fantastic little kits that come every single little thing needed to make not one, but THREE stickers. We each chose a different set to try out. I got to pick first so got my number one choice, the kit named DREAM. I was so excited to Get Started with Diamond Painting.

Diamond Dotz Kit Components

The kit comes with everything you need in it which is awesome. There are really five main things that you have to understand before you get started so I am going to break it down.

  • Diamond Dotz Stylus – This special tool is designed to hold the wax from the wax piece to easily pick up the Diamond Dotz.
  • Craft Tray – This is designed to hold the tiny Diamond Dotz while working on the project.
  • Wax Piece – The special stylus has a hollow tip. When you stick it in the wax, it fills it so it can easily pick up the Gems.
  • Sticker (read to decorate)
  • Diamond Dotz – All of the colors that are necessary to complete the project come in the kit.
  • Directions – There are no words! The photos are, however, very helpful.

Directions to Create a Diamond Dotz Masterpieces

Step One

Let’s do it. Let’s Get Started with Diamond Painting!

Peel off the overlay to reveal the sticker artwork where the gems will get placed. NOTE: For larger projects, peel just a little bit at a time.

Step Two

Stick the stylus in the wax to get the tip ready. 

Step Three

Pour one of the colors of gems into the tray. Use the stylus to pick up the little colored pieces on the spherical side. Then place the flat side on the coordinating color on the artwork. The colors are all clearly numbered and labeled.

Here’s a little tip. I found that having the little colored pieces in the tiny tray to be struggling once I had them all dumped out. While most people probably do it one color at a time, I don’t work that way. So, I used my larger work tray for the pieces. When you get started with diamond painting, you can decide what works best for you.

What to Do With the Dotzies Once Completed

I was so pleasantly surprises when I peeled off the backing of the sticker to reveal a clear back to my art. It really allows the Diamond Dotz to shine and sparkle. I love the dream catcher best so I put it on my laptop where I will see it every day. I plan to use it as reminder to dream big and reach for high goals. 

My second favorite is the feather. The colors in it are magnificent. I put it on my jar of colored pencils. I used them A LOT so it will also be a reminder to keep my spirits light while I FLY through my days. Get Started with Diamond Painting right away so you can decorate your things. It would be so fun to see what you do with your stickers and where you decide to put them.

I haven’t decided what to do with the third sticker yet. What are your ideas for it? I do love to camp so hmmmm?!

Don’t you love the depth and dimension that they add to my laptop case. The colors are so vibrant and cheerful. These little kits are the perfect way for how to get started with Diamond Painting because they don’t take too terribly long. That feeling of completion is critical for me when learning a new craft. Feeling successful makes me want to do it again.

How to get started with diamond painting using #diamonddots #dotzies

Two More DOTZIES Kits

While I was doing the Dream kit, Lindsay and Beth were doing two other kits. They both had great ideas of ways to use their completed stickers too. PLUS, they are both sharing their thoughts and ideas over on their blogs.

Lindsay’s came out so super cute. Check out hers over on Artsy Fartsy Mama!

Beth’s are darling too. She is sharing her experience and ideas over on Creatively Beth!

So, do it. Get Started with Diamond Painting and make some masterpieces of your own. You can shop in my online store and are sure to find TONS of great inspiration and ideas.

Be sure to pin this post so you remember where to find the tips. And like always, I would love for you to share it with a friend.

YAY for Kits that Are Awesome And Create Masterpieces,



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