How to Make a Floor Cushion Pillow Shaped Like a Taco

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How to Make a Floor Cushion Pillow Shaped Like a Taco

I am excited tp show you How to Make a Floor Cushion Pillow that is shaped like a taco. Of course with Nu-Foam, you could create pretty much any shape you’d like. This makes this DIY home decor project great for adding a touch of personality to any room in your home, classroom or traveling vehicle. They are great to use for ball games and at the park too. Let’s get started.

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Material and Supplies Need to Make a Floor Cushion Pillow

  • Poly-Fil® NuFoam™ from Fairfield World
  • Cotton Fabrics – Dark Green, Light Green, Brown, Yellow, Red
  • MONOTWIN Permanent Marker from TombowScissors
  • Sewing Machine 
  • Utility Knife – to cut the NuFoam™
  • Straight Pins
  • Sewing Thread – to match the project
  • Needles for SEWING

My Favorite Sewing Supply List

These are the sewing supplies that I keep on hand at all times. They get used over and over again and again in so many of my projects.

Directions to Make a Floor Cushion Pillow


To get started on the Taco Floor Cushion Pillow, gather all supplies. Roll out the Poly-Fil® NuFoam™ on a large flat work surface like the garage floor, using a flattened cardboard box as protection. I like the roll of Poly-Fil® NuFoam™ two inches thick, but a square cushion would work just as well. Draw a taco shape on the Poly-Fil® NuFoam™ with the MONOTWIN Permanent Marker.


Starting with a sharp utility knife, carefully cutting through the Poly-Fil® NuFoam™ one layer at a time. 

Clean up any roughly cut edges with scissors. 


It is best to wash, dry, and iron all the cotton fabrics prior to sewing. Layout the brown with right sides together on a flat work surface. Place the taco shape on top and draw an outline with the MONOTWIN Permanent Marker approximately one inch larger on the wrong side of the fabric.  Cut out all shapes with scissors. From the other colors of fabric, cut strips of red for tomatoes, green for lettuce and yellow for cheese (approximately 4 by 8 inches – two pieces for each facing each other like the larger taco cuts). You can use a different brown fabric for meat too.


Sew the small pieces right sides facing each other and flip them. Then pin them to the inside of your two layers of taco fabric to prep for sewing.


Place right sides of the taco pattern together and secure with straight pins. Stitch together on a sewing machine, using a one-half-inch seam allowance and leaving a six-inch opening at the base for inserting the Poly-Fil® NuFoam™ cushion. Turn taco cushion cover right side out through the space left open in the bottom seam.


 Roll the Poly-Fil® NuFoam™ avocado-shaped cushion lengthwise and insert it into the cover. 

To finish the Taco Floor Cushion Pillow, pin the opening and hand stitch closed with a needle and thread.

How to Make an Avocado Floor Cushion

While I was busy making this taco floor cushion, my friend Beth was making an avocado.  It is so dang cute. You can get all of the details on how she made it over on her blog at Creatively Beth!

These pillow are great for kids to use as a special place to read, study and relax.  They offer a moveable space to use as a focus point for being responsible about getting things done while being comfortable on the floor (or in the grass!). The floor cushions are also great for a ton of other purposes.

10 Ways to Use Floor Cushions

  1. Floor cushions are great to use at the stadium for comfortable sitting on bleachers.
  2. They can be used on the floor around a coffee table for extra dining spaces.
  3. Use floor cushions on the deck benches.
  4. A floor cushion can be a great place for a time-out spot.
  5. Floor cushions can be used to add dimension and color to a bland space and spruce it up.
  6. The cushions work great to take on a boat or travel in an RV.
  7. Floor cushions are fun to use in fort or a tent.
  8. Teachers, take floor cushions to the playground for recess games.
  9. Use special shaped cushions for breast feeding pillows.
  10. Make floor cushions for the college dorm kids in your life. They will thank you.

Cheers to Tacos, Handmade and Floor Cushion Pillows,



Do you want to have a taco party! You can grab everything you need right here on the blog including FREE printables.

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