How to Make a Leprechaun Trap for Saint Patrick’s Day

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How to Make a Leprechaun Trap For Saint Patrick’s Day

Have you ever tried to catch a leprechaun. They are tricky, sneaky little guys. It is so much fun to get creative with your kids and make a trap to try to catch one on the eve of Saint Patrick’s Day. The rumor is that they love GOLD so be sure to stock up on your supply. I recommend gold play coins, especially the chocolate ones. They are the best. Here is a super easy and fun way for how to make a leprechaun trap!  Have fun!

How-to-Make-a-Leprechaun-Trap For Saint Patrick's Day

The Story of the Leprechaun

Here is the story of the leprechaun.  It comes from the Gaelic word luchorpán which translates to “small body”. The leprechaun is a solitary little guy who makes shoes for a living. With his earnings,  he hides his profits in secret places.  Leprechauns are also sneaky and good at finding treasure to hide away too.   The story goes that anyone lucky enough to find a leprechaun will get his wealth in gold.

Leprechaun and Saint Patrick’s Day FREE Printables

Download FIVE pages of leprechaun and Saint Patrick’s Day FUN HERE.

Easy To Make Leprechaun Trap Supplies

  • 3 Paper Tubes Taped Together
  • Green Oly*Fun or Paper
  • Poly*Fil
  • Black Cauldron
  • Plastic Gold Coins
  • Adhesive
  • Branches or Sticks
  • Scissors/Rotary Cutter

Directions for How to Make Leprechaun Trap

Start with your three paper tubes taped together and wrap them in green oly*fun or paper.  The best adhesive I have found to work with the oly*fun is red two-sided tape from i-craft.  It is super strong and holds it in place.

Add Oly*Fun grass around the bottom.

Next, fill a plastic cauldron with Poly-Fil to look like a cloud.

Add sticks with plastic coins glued to the top.

Glue coins around the caldron too lure a leprechaun. 

Glue the cauldron on top of the wrapped tubes. 

Add broken stick pieces to create a ladder for the leprechaun to climb.

How to Make a Leprechaun Trap

Make a Rainbow Wand

No that you know How to Make a Leprechaun Trap, let’s take it to the next step. To make a rainbow wand, hop over here and get all of the details.

Rainbow Wand for Catching Leprechauns

Rainbow Clouds

These rainbow clouds are totally adorable. They are a super fun project to make. I love finding ways to use craft supplies that are new and original like this one.

Rainbow Cloud with Recycled Plastic Bag

Directions to make rainbow clouds:

Cut a plastic bag apart.  Use hot glue to create a cloud and glue two pieces together, leaving an opening.  Stuff the cloud with Poly*Fil.  Put strips of colored Oly*Fun in the opening and use hot glue to adhere it closed.  Add hearts like the ones on the rainbow want to the ends of the Oly*Fun.  This is an inexpensive kid craft for St. Patrick’s Day or any rainbow occasion.  There is a cool glue gun that would be more kid friendly.  Otherwise, I recommend an adult do ALL the hot gluing.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a great time to talk about the country of Ireland, it’s traditions and folk tales.  Here are three great books I recommend for reading with kiddos.

Best St Patricks Day Books for Kids

If you need to make rainbows appear, plant seeds.  I hear sprinkles work great!  Here is a free printable so you can make some little rainbow seeds gifties for all of your students or friends.

YAY for St. Patrick’s Day!


PS: Now that you know How to Make a Leprechaun Trap  Here is a link to some more St. Patrick’s Day fun!

Best Ideas for Saint Patricks Day Kid Crafts and Games



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