How to Make Clay Wind Chimes

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Everything you need to know to make clay wind chimes in any shape.

Mushroom DIY Clay Wind Chime

I love mushrooms so decided to make my first DIY wind chime by molding the pieces of them out of Original Sculpey clay. I love working with clay because it offers endless opportunity for creativity and customized pieces. The white Original Sculpey is perfect for this project because it is soft and easy to mold then once baked and cooled – easy to paint.


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Materials and Supplies Needed


This project is best done in steps. There is a baking and cooling period between the molding and the painting so can be done in two separate sittings for the creating of the pieces. The third sitting is when the wind chime can be built and put together.

Step One

Use about 1/4 pound of the white Original Sculpey clay. Roll it in your warm hands to soften then use the rolling pin to flatten it. It should be about 1/4 inch thick (or even a little bit less).

Cut out three circles.

Use the round end of the clay tool to put little grooves all over the surface.

Place the circle piece over a wool ball or a large marble to shape the top of the mushroom.

Poke a hole through the center and place back over the ball. Leave the ball during baking.

Use the remaining clay to make three stems. The tool with the long point is now used to make holes through the center of all of the stems.

Bake at 275 degrees for 15-18 minutes depending on thickness. Check the packaging for exact baking directions.

Step Two

Once the pieces are out of the oven and completely cooled, they can be painted. Acrylic paint is perfect for this project. There are tons of colors out there so the possibilities are endless.

Use acrylic paints to add details and colors of your liking.

Let the paint dry then add a top coat/glaze. Let it dry completely before assembling wind chime.

Step Three

For the final step, put your wind chime together.

Start by cutting a long piece of twine (4 feet at least). Loop it and tie a knot, leaving about three inches for hanging.

Feed the ends of the two pieces opposite the loop through the mushroom pieces, tying knots along the way in the places where you want the pieces to be positioned.

Knots can be placed in between the tops and bottoms too.

Once all of the pieces are tied to the hanger. Trim the bottom off of that last knot. Hang your wind chime somewhere where it will not be exposed directly to the weather.

About Original Sculpey Clay

This clays is perfect for so many different types of projects. You can make original art projects at home and at school with this soft, pliable clay. It works and feels a lot like ceramic clay, with the benefit of not drying out when exposed to air. Did you know that after baking, it can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with water-based acrylic paints or glaze?

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