How to Woodburn a Cutting Board for Santa Cookies

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Create a darling little cutting board for Santa’s cookies that doubles as darling decor.

How to woodburn a cutting board for santa cookies

Getting the perfect image, even lettering, burned onto wood is so easy with a DIY stencil using the Ikonart Stencil Kit. This is a perfect beginner project for those new to the idea how to woodburn projects.

Materials and Supplies Needed

The stencil being made with the Ikonart kit can be used on so many fabulous surfaces. While this tutorial is showing how to use the completed stencil on a canvas bag, note that it can also be used on wood to make signs, fabric to make fashion and many other surfaces.

Directions to Make Project

First make the stencil!


The printing needs to be SOLID and dark. If the girls sign a piece of paper to create the image, go over their lines with a thick black marker. Copy the final design onto printer film (either inkjet or Laser) This could be done directly on the printer film too.

Here is the FREE printable for this design.


For this step, I used IKONART film (the blue one) because I am printing on wood. 

Note that you will be best to work in a dark space with the lights down low! Place a sheet of the light sensitive film down.  Align your artwork on top of the film.  Cover everything with the clear sheet (included).  Plugin your exposure unit and allow the light to hit the film for 35 seconds – no more!


Using a household sink with a spray nozzle, use warm water to wash out the design.  The kit includes a white clipboard that works great to hold the film in place – making it easier to hold on to in the sink. It is important to take the time to get the designs completely washed away for the best results on these diy reusable gift bags.


After washing out the film, use a paper towel to blot it on both sides.  The film needs to air dry before it can be used. I typically stick mine on the sliding glass door and let it dry there.  If you are in a hurry to get started with your project, you can speed up the process with a fan or blow dryer.

The final step to finishing your stencil is to post-expose it. Place it back on the stand (texture side up) and turn the light on it for at least two minutes. This makes the stencil more durable so it will work better and be used over again.

As you can see, I added some other designs to this stencil. The great thing about this is that the images can be cut apart to make DIFFERENT stencils for different projects!

Step Five: How to Woodburn

Start by peeling the back film from the stencil and placing it on the wood surface. Gently press it down as the stencil is slightly sticky and should hold in place.

Use the squeegee that comes in the kit to apply Torch Paste over all of the words in the stencil. Once you have good coverage, peel the stencil and immediately rinse in the sink if you plan to reuse it. Place it back on the clear film – SAME side it was on before.

Let it sit for about ten minutes before adding the heat. Use a heat gun to apply heat evenly over the dried torch paste. It takes a HOT minute so be patient. Once the letters have burned to your liking, move around to the next letters until complete.

Patience is the key here. It really does take a bit of time to woodburn and have it look clean and smooth. It took me a couple of practice rounds for sure.

Once you are done burning the letters, add a bow or a ribbon then snacks!

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