How to Wrap Gift Cards with Felt

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Create a darling reusable felt gift card holder to pair with a holiday gift.

How to Wrap Gift Cards with Felt

Kunin Classic Felt is one of the best materials to use when making handmade holiday decor, including gift bags, gift card holders and ornaments. This adorable project is great because it is all four of these – an ornament that decorates the tree and holds a gift and a gift card.

Materials and Supplies

My Favorite Sewing Supply List

These are the sewing supplies that I keep on hand at all times. They get used over and over again and again in so many of my projects.


This creative idea for how to wrap gift cards with felt could be done in any size. Because I want it to be something that can be hung in the tree to decorate leading up to Christmas then filled on Christmas Eve, I made it fairly small.

Step One

Cut two pieces of red felt in to squares that measure 5 1/2 inches on each side.

Step Two

Cut a green triangle approximately 4 inches in height from the Apple Green Classic Felt. Then, cut a star from the Yellow and a rectangle trunk from the Copper Canyon.

Step Three

Stitch French knots loosely on one of the green triangles to create ornaments and start turning it into a Christmas tree.

Step Four

To create a stronger holder for the gift card, cut a second triangle and layer them on the felt before stitching.

Then, use a straight pin to hold your felt pieces in places while stitching them to one of the Red squares.

Step Five

Stitch all pieces to create the tree on the front of the bag using coordinating colors of embroidery floss.

NOTE that when stitching the double layer of tree, on the right side leave a good 3 inches open by only stitching the two layers of felt together but NOT to the red bag. This will create a place to hold the gift card (or money or a love letter!)

Step Seven

Place the two pieces of red felt together with a piece of ribbon sandwiched and pinned in on either side to create a hanger.

Sew along the three sides leaving the top open and securing the ribbon. This can be done on either a sewing machine or by hand. Trim loose threads.

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How to Wrap Gift Cards with Felt and a Few Easy Stitches #handmade #kuninfelt #giftcardwrapping #holderforgiftcard #christmas #tree #ornament #giftwrap

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