Painted Kindness Rocks Ideas Craft with Free Printable

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Create kindness rocks to create and spread cheer.

How do you feel about spreading kindness. If you have been here long on Me and My INKlings then you know it is super important to me. Let’s kick this off with the WHY Kindness matters. Did you know….

  • Being kind is FREE.
  • My heart fills up fastest when I am being kind.
  • Kind acts connect people and connection is healing.
  • It is contagious.
  • Accessing kind thoughts and actions builds empathy skills.

This Painted Kindness Rocks Ideas Craft is the perfect way to spread kindness! Download the free printable and get painting today. Keep reading to get to the place where you can grab the printable. It is fun and works great outdoors if you laminate it!

I was on FOX News Denver spreading craftiness, kindness and creativity.  I shared a couple of different ways to create a kindness rock project that you can make and spread around town to promote joy and happiness.  I thought it might be a good idea to share the segment here too just in case you miss the news!

How to Paint Kindness Rocks

I actually created a post that walks you through the best steps for painting rocks 


Two FUN Kindness Rock Ideas

Here are two ways to make darling kind rocks.  The first way is a little bit more difficult than than the second because it involves more detail with the paintbrush.  However, it is prettttttty easy peasy and I believe in you!  You can do it.

To create the rocks you will need the following supplies:

How to make these rocks:

  1. Paint the rocks in solid bright colors and let them dry.
  2. Add a white center to one side and let dry.
  3. Add a black outline with your marker and a word in the center of the white!

Ta Da!

Another Kindness Rocks Idea

The second way to create kindness rocks is fun too. Too busy to make this craft right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

You will need these supplies to create the black and white word rocks:

The directions are easy as can be:

  1. Paint the rocks black and let them dry.
  2. Add a sticker.
  3. Paint a coat of Decou-Page over the sticker and let it dry.

Ta Da!


There are tons and tons of places to hide rocks.  I am happy to share some of the places that are my go-to hiding spots.  We have even found some in these same kind of places around town and even when I am traveling.  I LOVE when I find one at at road trip travel stop.

  1. Around Tree Trunks
  2. In Low Tree Branches
  3. At the Library
  4. Window Ledges of Shops
  5. Top of the Slide
  6. Along Walkway in Park
  7. Throughout a Nature Trail
  8. In a Rock Garden
  9. On Top of Low Walls
  10. In Between Fence Slats
  11. Under the Benches at the Park
  12. Front Porches of Friends
  13. Teacher’s Desk
  14. Breakroom at Work
  15. Airport
  16. Travel Stops Along the Road
  17. Gas Stations on the Pump

FREE Printable for Kindness Rocks Ideas

If you want the free printable sign, you can download it.  If you want it to be smaller, print four to a page!

To make it stick into the ground, adhere it to a fork!

You can always make rocks with paint markers and permanent markers too.  This is a good way for kids to create and feel successful.

If you love this kindness project, please help me share it on Facebook and Pinterest!  Cheers,


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