Print the PDF of the new JULY sticker designs.

Print the PDF of the new JUNE sticker designs.

NEW Summer Camp WHOLESALE Products

Grab all of the info for the NEW Summer Camping Products!

Laura Kelly Stickers are VINYL, Weatherproof, Waterproof and Washable. To place an order for wholesale stickers, you must have a store or sell at vendor fairs.

Download the PDF Catalog HERE.

If you are a blog reader or consumer, read more about ways to use vinyl stickers HERE on the blog.

Sales Reps

If you prefer ordering through a rep, we are currently partnering with Enchanted Moments, Sunshine Sales and DanSon Sales. You can see the full line of stickers in the showrooms for summer and winter markets in Atlanta!

Custom Designs

We are happy to do custom designs. The minimum order is 50 for custom. The cost is the same as stocked stickers. Email Laura@LauraKellyDesigns.Com for more information.


Laura and The LKD Team

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