Lucky Charms Cereal Bar Treats To Make at Home

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Lucky Charms Cereal Bar Treats

Making snacks and sweet treats for the holidays and season is always a good idea, especially with kids. This recipe is super easy and requires no cooking so is great to do at home and in a classroom too. These are fun to have for a party or to make and give to friends and co-workers. They make a great porch drop goody too, especially with the FREE printable tags to match.

Making yummy recipes with cereal is a great way to teach kids about measuring and cooking. This recipe for Lucky Charms Cereal Bar treats is a really easy and great one.

Lucky Charm Cereal Bar on Stick

Recipe for Cereal Bar Treats with Lucky Charms


Lucky Charms Cereal Bar Treats Ingredients


  1. Melt butter and marshmallows in a large glass bowl in the microwave and stir.
  2. Add cereal. (Keep a few charms out for the last step.)
  3. Mix.
  4. Form pops on waxed paper and insert straws.
  5. Chill until cool then drizzle melted vanilla over the top. Stick extra charms on.

Steps to Make a Batch of Lucky Charm Cereal Bars

Follow these simple steps for yummy and festive goodies that are perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day parties and all year round.

Step One

Melt the Butter and Marshmallows in a large bowl in the microwave for 1-2 minutes then add cereal.

The mixing part is really important because the marshmallows tend to stiffen as they lose their heat. If kids are helping with this, support them in stirring vigorously and quickly to ensure that your mixture doesn’t harden before the fun molding stage. Lucky Charms Cereal Bar treats can be a little bit tricky at this stage.

Step Two

Using wax paper as the base on your surface (to keep the marshmallow mix from sticking) In about one cup increments, mold the mixture into bars. If preferred, used real molds. Put sticks or straws in the bottoms of them to create a way for them to be held while eating.

KID TIP – Put butter on your hands before molding to make it super easy and SUPER messy too. It is so much fun.

Step Three

If desired, add a drizzle of melted candy over the treats. This is not necessary but super cute. It is fun to add a few of the marshmallows to this candy before it hardens. 

How to Give Cereal Bars as a Gift

If you want give your delicious and completely adorable bars as a gift, you can use this free printable and add it them once they are bagged or boxed up. 

I think that it would be fun to make these as a Girl Scout meeting activity for March too. The girls could all eat one and package one to take to a friend as a kindness gift.

Lucky Charm Cereal Bar Treat Recipe and Free Printable

FREE Lucky Charm Printable Activity

The free printable is over on the post with the Lucky Charms Graph printable, Check it out if you need something to do with all of those leftover marshmallow pieces from the box. After all, the marshmallows are definitely the best part.

Free Printable Lucky Charms Graph

YAY for Cooking with Kids to Make Saint Patrick’s Day Recipe and making Lucky Charms Cereal Bar Treats!





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