Rainbow For Kids Stacked Felt Craft

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This simple rainbow kid craft makes adorable decor.

Rainbows are the best for so many reasons. I love to craft with all of the colors of the rainbow because it makes my heart feel joyful and full of cheer. These two craft ideas are great for making with your kids at home or in the classroom with a big group too. It is easy and fun for kids but also great for adults who like to craft but don’t want to spend a ton of time on a project.  Making a rainbow for kids is not only a fabulous craft project but also great for pretend and play activities.

Rainbow For Kids Felt Craft

Materials Needed For Stacked Felt Rainbow

This adorable stacked felt rainbow craft project is a great one. The pieces can be prepped ahead of time to make the project go quickly if being done in a classroom center or at a party. Here is what you will need.

  • Kunin Classic Felt in Rainbow Colors (Red, Orange, Gold, Apple Green, Brilliant Blue, Orchid and Fuchsia Pink)
  • White Kunin Classic Felt If Adding Clouds
  • Scissors
  • E6000 Fabri-Fuse Adhesive (Works Awesome With Felt and Retains Elasticity Once Dry)
  • Free Pattern for Rainbow Pieces

Directions to Make a Rainbow For Kids with Felt

These just might be the easiest directions ever. I love this craft because it makes a darling final masterpiece and is so simple. It is fun because the pattern could be resized to make the rainbows in different sizes too. Let’s make one.

Step One

Cut out the pieces of felt using the free downloadable pattern. 

The pieces could actually be used to make a matching game to pair the felt cut out with the word spelled on the pattern piece. If you decide to do this, laminate the pattern piece or be sure it is printed on card stock.

Step Two

Glue the pieces together in a stack from bottom to top with the E6000 Fabri-Fuse. Put a few dots around the edges and one in the center to hold it in place. Let dry completely for several hours before moving.

Additional Ideas

Add a pot of gold made from felt to turn this into a darling craft for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Add a ribbon with the E6000 to turn your rainbow into an ornament. This would be a lot of fun for a holiday tree decoration. It is adorable as an addition to a holiday wreath too.

Seven Reasons Kids Should Be Crafting

There are unlimited numbers of reasons that kids should be crafting. Based on research and opinions of experts, I am excited to share seven of my favorite reasons to get messy and make all the things with your kiddos.

Practice Fine Motor Skills

Many craft projects require the use of fine motor skills to cut, tie knots, paint, color and even apply glue.  Crafting provides a great opportunity to work on fine motor skills while creating works of art.

Build Self Esteem

Through the process of creating a craft project, a child works through a series of steps to make a masterpiece. The success of completing steps and having something wonderful to show for it has proven to build self esteem.

Create Community

Many craft projects that are done by kids in classrooms or groups collectively create a larger work of art.  For example. When a group of kids create individual pumpkin crafts – once put together they have a patch. This creates community and inclusion.

Build Social Skills

While actively crafting, often times the fears and worries of talking with others subsides and children (of all ages) find themselves to be more social with those around them,

Promotes Individuality

Craft projects should allow children the opportunity to put their own style or mark into their work. There need to be choices available to successfully promote individuality.  Some of these choices include picking colors, crayons vs colored pencils, cutting vs tearing paper and outlining.

Encourages Self Expression

Often times children will express their feelings and thoughts through simple drawing and works of art. Encouraging kids to draw in their journals and add their own elements to projects sometimes offers a release of feelings.

My Favorite Supplies Needed for Felt Crafts

Free Rainbow Game Printable

This game is super fun for kids of all ages. You can grab it here on the blog and play it with more than one person or use in a center as a stand alone activity. Grab it FREE and print it out.

Roll the Rainbow Printable Math Game

Cheers to Making a Rainbow for Kids!


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