The Easiest, Best Way to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs With Kids

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The Easiest, Best Way to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs With Kids

For quite a while, every time I hopped on Instagram, there was a trendy video of hot cocoa bombs being mixed up in a super cute cup of hot milk. I decided that I really wanted to give it a try. I shared lots of my best tips and tricks when I did them that first time here on the blog but have a few more for you now. Because things are different when cooking or crafting with children. I thought it would be a good idea to share the easiest, best way to make hot chocolate bombs with kids.

How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs with Kids at Home in the Kitchen

Ingredients to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs with Kids

These are the ingredients and the supplies that I used. You can substitute for a different mold if you prefer something else when you are cooking. 

Rainbow Hot Chocolate Bomb Ingredients

Steps to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs with Kids

Step One

Melt Chocolate and spread a layer on the inside of the mold, leaving the majority of the cavity empty. This is the first step to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs with Kids.

Step Two

Chill until chocolate hardens. Place circle halves in an egg carton to hold them in place. This is really important because kids (and beginners) will get frustrated if their molded candy moves around while they are filling it up.

Step Three

Fill one half with hot cocoa mix and any extra yummies

Step Four

Place the other half on a heated surface (like a warmed up plate – seen in above photo) and stick it the half that is filled to seal the bomb. This process is much easier for kiddos than the step I used in my other post hot chocolate bombs christmas style.

Step Five

Drizzle more melted chocolate over the top and add sprinkles or any of the extra yummies.

The extra yummies that are added to the drizzle can be sprinkles or any other candies that will melt in the hot milk. Store bought sugar decorations that are usually thought of for cookies or cupcakes work great for this.

Bomb Tips When Making with Children

  1. Only do a few at a time.  The melted chocolate hardens faster than I thought.
  2. Use a glass bowl to melt the chocolate.  It is easier to see what you are working with.
  3. Allow yourself a few test batches.  It takes a little practice.
  4. Get a good coat of the melted chocolate on the mold so it doesn’t break or have holes. This is important 
  5. Use the same chocolate to seal the bombs as you use in the shells.

How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs with Kids Rainbow Sprinkles #hotcocoabomb #recipe #directions #kidcraft

What Are  Chocolate Bombs?

Hot chocolate bombs — also know as hot cocoa bombs — are spheres of tempered chocolate filled with hot cocoa mix and other sweet morsels like tiny (sometimes freeze dried) marshmallows, and candies. When added to hot milk (or water depending on the mix inside), the chocolate spheres melt, releasing the cocoa mix and creating a tasty delight . According to The Washington Post, the first viral hot cocoa bomb was shared by photographer Eric Torres Garcia, who went on to create an entire company selling these treats. These sweet balls of chocolate and goodness are a great gift idea for everyone on the list – for birthdays, Valentines and winter festivities.

Make Hot Chocolate Bombs With Kids for Valentines!

These are a great sweet treat to make for Valentine’s Day gifting. They can be made ahead of time and used at a classroom or home Valentine party too. Kids LOVE the magic of the bomb opening in the hot milk. The smiles and laughter that occur during this process are priceless.

The steps are the same. Each one is important and requires attention. The candy is fragile so it might be best to work with one kid at a time on this awesome little recipe.

Make Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs for Kids

Are you thinking about how to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs With Kids for Valentine’s Day? If so, these are adorable and use the simplest set of steps. The meltable candy comes in pink AND red so you even have choices. Not to mention, there are tons of Valentine’s Day sprinkle mixes out there. If you want to add the candy decorations like the rainbows, that works too. Did you know that you can make these out of fondant and create any designs at all.

How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs with Kids at Home in the Kitchen Valentines Day

I can’t wait to find out if you Make Hot Chocolate Bombs with Kids! Be sure to let me know. I would super love to see your creations and find out how the whole process worked out for you.

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PS: If you want to make Hot Cocoa Bombs Christmas Style, here you go.

Make Christmas Hot Cocoa Bombs #christmas #hotcocoabomb #hotchocolate #diy #makeathome


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