Mason Jar Sewing Kit

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Mason Jar Sewing Kit

I decided it was time to get all my little sewing things into one container so I whipped up the mason jar sewing kit.  Originally this jar came with jelly in it from a friend so it was already special. This is a great project to make and give as a gift but you better believe, I am keeping mine.

Mason Jar Sewing Kit and Needle Book

Materials Needed

Jar, Lid, Kunin Basic Felt, Fabric, Fairfield World Glasslets, Needle, Thread, Sewing Machine, Ribbon, Fabri-Tac Glue

Let’s Make a Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Start but cutting two felt circles the same size at the lid.

Sew around the edges, leaving an opening.  Fill the cavity with Glasslets (perfect for this project because they are tiny) and sew closed.

Wrap your little beanbag in fabric, adding some Fairfield World PolyFil for extra poofiness and sew to another felt circle the size of the lid then glue to the lid.

Glue ribbon around the sides of the lid being sure it is long enough to tie in a bow at the end.  Let it all dry then fill the jar with tools and stick your pins in the top.

Mason Jar Sewing Kit Lid

To make the needle book, sew a piece of Kunin Basic Felt in between two pieces of denim.  It’s the perfect accessory to your sewing kit.

DIY Felt Needle BOok

It is Day Three of Creative Crafts, a collaboration of bloggers sharing projects.  I am excited to be hosting with Meg from Makeable Crafts and our guest co-host Beth from Creatively Beth.  

Meg made an adorable stand using reycled Mardi Gras beads that she PAINTED!

Beth comes up with such fun ideas.  Today she is sharing cereal box notebooks.

recycled cereal box journals

MORE Recycled Crafts

Erica from 5 Little Monsters used a pair of jeans and upcycled them into an apron.  I LOVE it.

recycled denim apron

Natalie from Doodlecraft recycled pieces of wood from a game to create handmade scroll art.  It’s lovely.

Chelly from We Can Make That used a frame she thrifted and created festive home decor.  Click over to her blog to see how this turned out!

Lorrie from Forty 11 Designs whipped up some super cute recycled notebooks.

Check back tomorrow for EVEN MORE amazing and awesome recycled craft projects.




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