Melted Snowman Jar Decor

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Create darling Valentine decor in a jar craft style.

This is a really fun project to do for all of the winter decorating from Christmas through Valentine’s Day. I love snowmen and finding ways to incorporate them into the festivities of the season. Because the melted snowman in a jar decor can be made with any colors of fabric, buttons and ribbon – it can be customized to fit into all of the decorating plans. The one I am sharing in the step-out photos here is designed to add to my Winter/Valentine decor. Furthermore, based on the size of your jar, this makes a great decoration for a tiered tray too.

Materials Needed for Melted Snowman Jar Decor

Directions for Melted Snowman Jar Decor

Step One

Create a scarf for your decor based on the size of your google eyes and jar. If you are using tiny eyes and a small jar, tear a small strip of fabric. If you are using larger eyes and a bigger jar, tear a larger strip of fabric. Tie it like a scarf and trim. This can simply be the fabric with a knot tied in it. Additionally, If kids are making this craft, it is okay to not tie it at all and just have the fabric.

Step Two

Add Poly-Pellets the jar, about 1/4 of the way filling it up. If you want it to be fuller, put more Poly-Pellets in. This step is up to you.

This is the PERFECT opportunity to work with young kids on measurement! Use every chance possible to teach through crafting.

Step Three

Add the scarf you just made, 2 google eyes, a clay carrot nose and a few buttons. For the noses, it is best to have them made from clay ahead of time because they need to be baked and cooled. There are carrot buttons that could be used for this too. You can get them on Amazon.

Step Four

Put the lid on the jar and tie ribbon around the rim to complete. Add a tag if the plan is to pass these out as Valentines.

FREE Melted Snowman Printable

Everyone loves a free printable. This one is perfect to use with this adorable craft project but also works as a stand-alone Valentine.

It is ready to be printed in two different sizes so can be paired up with jars that are small and big.

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More Fun  Decorative “SNOW” Ideas with Poly-Pellets

Poly-Pellets are so fun because they are lightweight and easy to work with. While they are probably meant most for stuffing inside sewn projects, they are great for these crafty masterpieces too. Using them in snow globes is certainly a fun idea that can also translate to any winter holiday or seasonal decor.

Get all the deets to make these in just two simple steps.

2 Step Snow Globe DIY #diy #snowglobe #gumballmachine #decor #craft

Valentines Day at School

It may seem as though it’s obsessive to give cards to every kid in the class. Furthermore, your child may even complain about giving cards to kids he doesn’t like. However, the reasoning is simple enough. Giving cards to every student is the best way to avoid hurt feelings. If your child expresses concern about giving cards to everyone, don’t dismiss them. However, make sure he understands that it is not negotiable.

Here are five great reasons to support Valentine’s Day in the Classroom

  1. Giving cards to all classmates creates an opportunity to practice kindness.
  2. Also, making Valentines and making boxes reinforces creativity.
  3. Working with kids to create their Valentines is a great way to connect and talk with children about friends and classmates.
  4. Plus, It is FUN.
  5. Writing names and signing cards is great for developing fine motor skills.

Cheers to Creativity, SNOW, Making Things and Valentines,


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