Mini Stocking Pattern for Pets and Humans

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Sew a masterpiece for your favorite pet with this free mini stocking pattern.

Filling stockings with goodies and treats is one of the most fun parts of Christmas gift giving. Finding the perfect little items to go inside is such a joy. Whether filling for a pet or a human, the ideas of things to go inside are endless. But first the stocking has to be made and of course, handmade is always the best. This pattern and tutorial allows you to pick your own fabric and add your own details to make a stocking super special.

Materials and Supplies Needed

  • Fabric or Felt
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Ribbon
  • Bell
  • Scissors
  • Free Mini Stocking Pattern (Get it below!)

My Favorite Sewing Supply List

These are the sewing supplies that I keep on hand at all times. They get used over and over again and again in so many of my projects.


Before starting, note that whole pieces of fabric can be used OR fabric scraps that have been sewn together to create a piece large enough for the pattern. Also note that the pattern can be made smaller or larger to create different sizes of stockings.

Step One

Use the pattern to cut a front and back piece for the stocking. Using pins to hold the pattern in place is my favorite method. However, tracing the pattern onto the fabric then cutting works too. This is the preferred method for kids.

Be sure that the front and back pieces are opposite facing before taking the next step.

Step Two

Fold the top of the stocking pieces down 1/4 inch and stitch to create a finished edge on both the front and the back.

Place the front and the back pieces facing each other with the design on the INSIDE and pin in place.

Step Three

Sew around the outside of the stocking, leaving the top open of course with a quarter inch inseam. Then trim the threads and flip the sticking rightside out.

Step Four

Use a needle and thread to add a ribbon hanger and any extra embellishments. The curled grosgrain ribbon with a bell is such a festive touch. Be sure to stitch securely.

More Stocking Ideas

Use an old pair of jeans to upcycle into a festive piece of functional decor. Grab the details and directions for this one here on the blog.

Use felt to create a handstitched stocking. These directions are also of course right here for you.

FREE Mini Stocking Pattern

Grab the free PDF file, download it and print it. Note that it can be used to make stockings from so many different kinds of material.

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