Monster Fun and Learning for Kids

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Some kids love monsters and others are scared out of their minds of just the thought.  Here is some monster fun and learning for kids.


M is for monster.  This we know but little kids do not necessarily so we teach them.  I doodled up a little printable that you can use with kids that allows them to design their own monster.  You can grab it FREE right here.


I doodled up a few more and created a little gang of monsters.  They are really cute and super friendly too.  They are great for coloring or using as inspiration for creating.  I am going to add them to my ShopLauraKelly store soon with a few other monster pages and fun sheets.


Coloring is fun.  I like teaching kids to layer their coloring shades to make dots and stripes and designs in their work.


I grabbed some scrap felt from the bin.


Then I cut it out.


I sewed it up and stuffed it and I think I am in love.  Wouldn’t he make an adorable classroom mascot.  What should I name him.  I think he looks like a great Chadster.


You can also use paper to create monsters.


How about writing a story or a monster description.  Okay, learning is wayyyy more fun with snacks.  These chocolate pretzel monsters are so easy to make and yummy too.


Cheers and Happy Scaring Away the Mean Monsters,


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