Dr. Seuss Craft For My Many Colored Days

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Learn about colors and feelings with this great literature based art idea for kids.

I love ALL of his books but this one is super special.  I have a deep love for colors and creativity and this book inspires me.  Through the use of bouncing rhymes with many colors and animals, this book offers an opportunity for children to start understanding feelings and moods and how to express themselves. So many fun conversations starters are in this book to get kids communicating and sharing. This is such a fun Dr. Seuss Craft For My Many Colored Days

Dr Seuss Craft for My Many Colored Days Free Printable

My favorite colored day in the book is the PINK day. Flamingos are special to lots of people for lots of different reasons.  I particularly love flamingos because they remind me of my mom.

Reasons to Teach Kids About Feelings

Much like other skills that are vital to healthy social and emotional development in kiddos, learning how to cope with emotions is something that takes practice and needs to be supported, even encouraged.  Here are three great reasons to teach kids about feelings.

Feelings just happen and normalizing them is a way to decrease anxiety. Sometimes feelings are so overwhelming and kids need to learn how to identify the difference between feelings and what is really happening around them.  When children can identify with their feelings, stress and anxiety levels are lower.

When children understand feelings, they can learn ways to self sooth that are healthy and productive. This takes practice. My Many Colored Days offers opportunities to talk about feelings.

Emotional health is connected to physical health. When kids can’t express themselves in heathy ways, their feelings can manifest into headaches, belly aches and temper tantrums that are sometimes physically harmful. Talking through feelings and ways to use them to grow is healthy for kids and parents.

Exploring feelings with your kids will help you get to know them better. As adults, we have had a lot of life experiences and learned a lot about how acting from our feelings can be destructive. Kids will benefit greatly from learning to work through emotions with guidance, love and support.

Materials Needed for Dr. Seuss Craft for My Many Colored Days

Directions For Dr. Seuss Craft

Note first that this is an activity that could be done over many days, doing a color a day.

First, sponge paint a colored background on white card stock. I recommend a couple of shades of the chosen color and some white to create a little mixing fun. 

Next, glue the matching colored die-cut to the sponged background. Google eyes are always an extra fun addition as well as adding a little paint and marker details. Of course for younger kiddos, these steps are not necessary.

On a small piece of white card stock, write a sentence that starts with, “When my day is <insert color>I …….”  Glue that writing under the die cut that is already glued to the card stock.

Dr. Seuss Craft for My Many Colored Days


 Here are a few examples of die cuts added on top of a sponge painted background.

FREE Printable for Dr. Seuss My Many Colored Days

Another way to connect to this beautiful piece of literature is to use my free mini book printable.  It is free to download and can be used by kids of all ages.

My Many Colored Days Free Printable Book

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Crafting essentials for kid crafts:

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Cheers to My Many Colored Days!


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