Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cherry Pancake Mix Jar Gifts with a Printable

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With two weeks off from school and work, we love to make breakfasts together as a family.  This oatmeal chocolate chip cherry pancake mix jar gift with printable is such a great recipe and fun thing to give other families.  We love it because it super delicious and makes thick and fluffy cakes.  The CherryMan cherries are the secret and most fabulous ingredient.  They make the cakes moist and sweeter than usual.  This post is sponsored by CherryMan but the ideas are my own.

This gift is perfect for neighbors, teachers, friends and co-workers.  I mean, come on….who doesn’t love awesome pancakes on a winter morning during the holidays?

If you want to make the mix, follow the easy recipe.


The recipe works best if you mix your ingredients minus the oatmeal and chocolate chips first.

Then mix them all together.

The printable is a great way to turn the mix into a darling gift.  You can download it and print away.

It is fun to add syrup to the basket too if you want to use a larger basket and make a bit bigger of a gift.

They are totally delicious!

Cheers to Holiday Gift Giving and All Things With Cherries,


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