Paper Reindeer Ornaments

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Paper Reindeer Ornaments

These paper reindeer ornaments are so easy peasy for kids to make and come out so adorable.  I always loved making these in the classroom when I was teaching elementary school.  It is amazing how differently they each would come out depending on how the kids cut their strips and their antlers. This kid Christmas craft project is a great one to do at home as a family or with a group of kiddos at a party or in school.

Paper Reindeer Ball Ornament Kid Craft

Supplies Needed

  • Colored Card Stock
  • Therm-O-Web ZOTS
  • Google Eyes
  • Red Button
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Twine


Cut four strips of brown card stock measuring 11 x 1 inch. Lay them out in a star pattern.

Apply Zots in the centers to hold them together.

Apply Zots to the ends of 4 strips.

Wrap these 4 strips around and adhere them to the strip opposite of them to make a ball.  Use the hole puncher to make two holes in the top of the ball.  

Feed twine through the holes and tie a know to make a hanger.

Cut out two antlers and adhere them to the ball with Zots.  Use Zots to apply a button nose and google eyes.

Paper Reindeer Ball Ornament

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Cheers to Empowering Kiddos to Make and Create for the Holidays!



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