Pete’s Dragon Party

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Pete’s Dragon Party

We simply must have a party to celebrate Pete and his Dragon, Elliott!  After all, Pete’s Dragon was one of my favorite movies growing up.  I LOVED it so so so much.  The whole idea of Elliot is so super magical and wonderful.  I mean who doesn’t need a friend like Elliot when life gets tough.  Pete didn’t think he would ever be happy until he met Elliot and once he did, he was filled with companionship and laughter.  My favorite float in the Disney parade is the Elliot float! Let’s go through all the fun ways to throw a Pete’s Dragon Party!

Pete's Dragon Party

I was shocked with excitement when I found out that Disney was making a NEW Pete’s Dragon.  I was in the theater and it came on as a preview.  I shouted, “YES!!!!” and totally embarrassed my kiddos.   I cam home and watched the trailer several more times.  I love this line.  “You might be the bravest boy I have ever known.”  I am anxious to see the whole movie and learn more about this character who seems to love Pete (and hopefully Elliot too).

Pete's Dragon Party Doodle Art

Pete’s Dragon Party Chex Mix

Because parties are a thing around here and we celebrate all the things, we whipped up a few fun treats for the movie.  This Elliot Snack Mix is delightful.  It is a mixture of Chex cereal, melted green chocolate wafers (Wilton) and colored candies.

Petes Dragon BFF Mix

Elliott Themed Cookies

And these cookies made with Nutter Butter’s are pretty fun too.

Petes Dragon Elliot Cookies

Dragon Punch

Of course punch is a must have.  This is a combination grape Kool-Aid and lime soda.  The sugar sticks are great for mixing it up!  The lollipop is a special order from ShopLauraKelly!

Petes Dragon Punch

Party Decorations

Kunin felt makes great felt for creating a decorative banner too!

Petes Dragon Party Table

Here are a few more party pictures of some decorations from our Pete’s Dragon party. The green gift bags are perfect for turning into adorable dragons. These could be used as puppets or for goody bags.

Elliot Gift Bag

Adding personalized candies to snacks and treats is always a really fun idea.

Petes Dragon Party Chips

Petes Dragon Party Ware

Pete’s Dragon Cake Pops

These layered cake pops were made with Wilton tools and decorations.

Elliot Dragon Cake Pop

Have a Brazzle Dazzle Day!  I know the song won’t be in the new movie but it is totally worth watching on repeat!

Free Printables for Pete’s Dragon Party

Oh yeah, you can download my free printable HERE if you want to use it!

Pete and Elliot Printable



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4 thoughts on “Pete’s Dragon Party”

  1. Love this! This was my favorite movie growing up! My daughters love it too. We are looking forward to seeing the new release! This will help us make a party out of it. Thanks!

  2. Looks like a great party! I loved the original Pete’s Dragon and want to see the new one. Haven’t done that yet. 🙂
    Thank you very much for the printable and all the great party ideas!

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