Clay Kindness Flowers Craft

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This Clay Kindness Flowers Craft is a lovely way to spread kindness this year.  With the step-by-step tutorial, these are fun to make!

Polymer Clay KIndness Flowers #clay #clayflowers

February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day.  This calls for a special project. I love to stick darling little picks into plants, candy jars and on cards so decided to get out my Sculpey Bake Shop clay and whip up a batch of Random Acts of Kindness Flowers.  I love these kinds of projects because they always come out so cheerful and happy.  Bake Shop clay is so simple to work with.  While it is often times meant for kids to use, I love it too because it is easy to condition and mold.  This post is sponsored by Sculpey but the ideas and opinions are my own.

What will you need to make this Clay Kindness Flowers Craft:

  • Sculpey Bake Shop Clay
  • Sculpey Clay Tools
  • Wooden Picks
  • Twine
  • Printable Tags
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors

How do you make the clay flowers?

Start by opening your clay and dividing each color.

It is super easy to divide as it pre-sectioned in the packaging.

Condition each color as you work with them by gently rolling the clay in in your warm hands and over your fingertips.  If the colors seem to be bleeding together from your hands, use baby wipes to clean them in between color changing.  I like to work with a super clean surface.

To make flowers, roll balls of clay then flatten them.  Flip them over and add details with other colors.  Push the little wooden picks into the clay BEFORE baking.

Sometimes it is fun to mix colors together.  If you do the mixing ever so slightly, you will still get the rainbow colors without too much blending.  Of course blending is really fun too!  You can check this out in my IGTV Video!

Once the clay flowers have baked and cooled completely, it is time to add the tags.  You can download and print them FREE here.

Cut the sentences in to strips then punch holes in the ends.  Use twine to tie them to the flowers.

They are so adorable, so fun and spread so much kindness too!  These would be great to make in some awesome social situations.

Fun Places to Create Random Acts of Kindness Flowers with Groups

  • Girl Scout Meetings
  • Church Groups
  • Summer Camp
  • Classroom Activity
  • Book Club
  • Birthday Parties

Kindness Flowers with Polymer Clay

I think kindness bugs would be pretty awesome too.  These could easily be adaptable to kindness bugs I think!

There are lots of really simple clay crafts on this blog for beginners.  Hop around and be inspired to make lots of fun things.  If you are working in a classroom, you might like these!

Ways to Use Polymer Clay in the Classroom with Kids #clayforkids #polymerclay #clayprojects

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