Recycled Cardboard Bookmarks Collage Art

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Create darling recycled cardboard bookmarks with cereal boxes and magazines.

This is a fun craft that creates a usable bookmark from recycled items. It is a great way to use stickers, washi tape, scrapbook paper and other fun goodies from your craft stash. I love using recycled magazines and catalogs for this project.

Materials and Supplies Needed

Here is the supply list to make these collage bookmarks from recycled cracker and cereal boxes.

How to Make Bookmarks from Recycled Food Boxes

Step One

Start by cutting the cardboard box apart and making the size desired for each bookmark. These can be ANY size, length or width. The ones shown in this post are five and six inches in length.


Next, add washi tape on the cardboard to get the collage started. This can go in any direction and can overlap.

Step Three

Cut little things out of magazines and catalogs. These darling images all came from my Laura Kelly Designs and Stickers wholesale catalog.

Step Four

Use decoupage to add the pieces that are cut out to the cardboard. Add a thin layer with a paintbrush on the cardboard over the washi tape.

Then place the cut out images on the painted surface and paint another thin layer over top. Let it dry.

Step Five

Once the decoupage is dry, trim off any pieces hanging over the edges. Use a hole punch to create a hole in the top center of the bookmark.

Tie a piece of ribbon through the hole to decorate it one step further. This would be a good time to add beads or a tassel too. There are so many ways to elaborate on this simple project.

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