Recycled Paper Tube Rainsticks

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Recycled Paper Tube Rainsticks

Recycle paper tube rainsticks are a fabulous way to make fun, usable and creative instruments with your kids. The huge variety of colors from DecoArt’s Americana line create endless possibilities of designs, color schemes and patterns. Did you know that music ignites all areas of child development.  It supports skills in school readiness (including intellectual, social-emotional, motor and language development. Making music can help the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music and making homemade instruments during the younger years helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words too.  So, lets make some.

Paper Tube Rainsticks

Supplies Needed for Paper Tube Rainsticks

Direction for Paper Tube Rainsticks

Start by painting your tubes. With younger kids, it is helpful to select a few colors before the painting begins.  Here are some fun facts about this paint, taken straight from the DecoArt website. “First bottled in 1985, Americana Acrylics have long been known for delivering consistent, premium quality at a budget-friendly price. There’s a reason Americana is the brand of choice for more painting teachers and published artists than any other brand — the versatility and quality are unmatched.”

A great tip is to hold the tube from the inside with one hand while painting with the other because it allows control.

It is fun to paint more than one at a time because this allows the paint to be drying on one while working on others.  It is also fun to paint different sized tubes and even a can with a lid to make other types of instruments.

While the paint on the tubes is drying, cut circles from parchment paper. Trace a jar lid on the paper then cut out. It should be about twice as wide as the tube.

Fold the circle over the end of the tube and secure it with a rubber band.  Don’t make it too tight or it will cause the tube to indent. This step is best done with the help of a grown-up.

According to research, “a rainstick is a long, hollow tube partially filled with small pebbles or beans that has small pins or thorns arranged helically on its inside surface. When the stick is upended, the pebbles fall to the other end of the tube, bouncing off the internal protrusions to create a sound reminiscent of falling rain”. To make the inside work, add a scrunched up piece of parchment paper.

Then add about 1/4 cup of Poly-Pellets and put another circle on the other end. The easy pour spout is the BEST.

Another option is to put some Poly-Fil puffs in the tube with the Poly-Pellets. This will create a totally different sound.

Why Painting with Kids is a Good Idea

Painting with kids is so much more than a craft project or simple activity. It is a way for kids (of all ages really) do many very important things.  Here are some fabulous reasons to get kids painting.

  1. It helps them convey ideas and share.
  2. Painting gives kids an opportunity to express emotions — even ones that might be hiding deep inside.
  3. It uses several senses to paint and through that kids make connections.
  4. Exploring color, the process and the outcomes teaches cause and effect.
  5. When kids made handmade masterpieces, it boosts confidence.

Preparation Steps for Painting with Kids

One of the biggest factors in creating successful paint crafts with kids lies in the prep. Here are four things you can do to prepare for a great time crafting.

  1. Expect a little mess. Prep your area knowing that paint can spill, drip and splatter. Cover your work are with kraft paper before starting.
  2. Provide aprons for the kids. If you don’t want to but them, they can wear old adult sized shirts as aprons.
  3. Have paper towels nearby and ready if needed.
  4. Know the dry time of the project before starting.  If there are several steps, there might be a dry time involved. Have a puzzle or activity on hand to do during that in between time. You can grab free ones here on the blog.

More Instruments

Anything that jingles, clacks or can be banged on is fun to make. I whipped up a little drum and a mini tambourine while making the rainsticks.

More Recycled Crafts

There are so many ways to recycle household items and make them into wonderful things. Both of my Creative Crafts teammates have some great projects to share with you today. Be sure to check back tomorrow for TONS of ideas from all of the bloggers participating in this month’s Team Creative Crafts edition of Recycled Crafts!

Beth created this amazing wreath! I am IN LOVE with it.

Ann created these beautiful recycled flowers.


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Have fun making these.  Be sure to share this project!


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