Reusable DIY Valentine Boxes

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These reusable DIY Valentine boxes area actually bags that I made with my Cricut Maker!!  I love them because they can be used year after year.  I also love that they are super cute, fun to make and create a simpler way to haul those cards home from school.  I made them with a plain canvas bag from the craft store and some of my favorite maker supplies.  I can’t wait to share the directions of how to make a Valentine box (bag) with you so you can make them too.

DIY Valentine Bags with Cricut

Material Needed Reusable DIY Valentine Boxes (Really Bags)

Let;s Get Started!

Start by painting the canvas bag.  Pour two similar colors and white into a container.

Don’t mix the paint.  Rather, dip your brush in and paint with it as it naturally blends.

I love the way the greens worked together for the monster Valentine bag.

Let the paint dry while cutting out the pieces of felt to create details on a Cricut Maker.  I have the designs ready for you in Design Space!

  • Monster Design
  • Owl Design

Cricut Valentine Box Bags SVG FIles

It is best to use Kunin Basic Felt.  It cuts on the Cricut Maker using the setting for acrylic felt.  (Fun Fact:  Did you know that Kunin felt is made from recycled bottles?)

Use E6000 FabriFuse to attach the felt pieces to the canvas bags.  It takes a while to dry to be sure to plan ahead.  It works best by putting it on both surfaces then attaching them together.

DIY Valentine Monster Bag

DIY Valentine Owl Bag

I had such a great time sharing these DIY Valentine Boxes (Bags) on FOX News WRAL this morning.

Valentine DIY Bags with Cricut on FOX News

Crafting with Ken is always a treat.

WRAL FOX News Ken Smith

It is always so much fun to create new projects.  This one was super fun because I played around in Cricut’s Design Space to make the pieces for the bags.  Of course mixing up paints and applying them on canvas is always awesome too.  It was my first time using E6000 Fabri-Fuse and I LOVE it.

So which one do you like better?  Are you team monster or team owl?  Comment and let me know.



PS:  While you have your paint and supplies out and handy, go ahead and whip up some Valentines and decorations too!

Hand Painted Valentine Decorations and Valentines





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