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Sit-A-Cans for Girl Scouts are great things!  They are super fun to create and have so many valuable uses.

Sit-A-Cans are like giant bucket luggage accessories for outdoor traveling. Because they are air tight, they can be used to store cosmetics and personal hygiene supplies without attracting insects or critters.

Girl Scout Sit-A-Cans for Camping

You will need a 5 gallon paint/utility bucket with a lid for each Girl Scout.  The other supplies that you need to make buckets like this one are…

  • Permanent Outdoor Vinyl in Bright Colors from Expressions Vinyl (Give each girl a few pieces that measure 6×6 inches)
  • Scissors (We LOVE Fiskars)
  • Sizzix Big Shot Machine
  • Dies in Fun Shapes (I Used all Laura Kelly Designed Dies)
  • Scraper/Smoother Tool (Like Used on Wallpaper)
Sit A Can Supplies Girl Scouts

The first step is to make sure your bucket surface is clean and dry.  Then cut your vinyl decorations.  You can either hand cut shapes or use a die cut machine.  I used the Sizzix Big Shot and several of my dies that I designed.  I used e from my calendar collection (flower and heart), 2 from my Pet Shop collection (terrarium and jar) and my Lemonade Alphabet.

Sizzix Flower Die Cut Vinyl

Lay out what you want your bucket to look like on a flat surface.

GirlsCanDoAnything Vinyl Letters

Then apply your vinyl by peeling off the back and sticking it to the surface.  To remove bubbles, go over your vinyl pieces with the scraper.  Ta Da!

Sit A Can GIrl Scouts

I think it is always a great idea to support girls in taking ownership of what they make.  Creating customs tags with an self inkling stamp from Expressionery works GREAT!

Sit A Can Expressionery Stamped Tag

Our Girl Scout troop has it’s own Expressionery stamp too.  We use it in so many ways including creating gift tags for when we craft up projects.  These tie dyed silk scarves are a great example of a gift we created for our volunteers.

Girl Scout Tie Dye Scarves Expressionery Stamped Tags

I LOVE Sit-A-Cans.  I had one growing up as a Girl Scout.  I kept all of my things for Girl Scouts in it at home but when we went camping I emptied it and used it for packing.  Sit-A-Cans are awesome because they are air tight so they keep animals away.  They also work great for a seat at the campfire.

Be sure to check back each day this week for new scouting ideas from me and lots of other bloggers!

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