Spiderweb Candy Drink Topper

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Spiderweb Candy Drink Topper

Spiders are so amazing and while someone creepy to many, fascinating to me.  I especially LOVE the webs they spin.  This spiderweb candy drink topper is so crazy easy to make and creates the perfect spooky drink topper for a festive treat.  This would be a fun crafty project to do with kids or to have ready to serve at as a Halloween party surprise.

 Spiderweb Candy Drink

What Is Needed for Making Spiderweb Candy

To make the spiderweb candy you will need just a few supplies and only one ingredient. Projects that are simply like this one and only require things that you already have around the house are the best ones.  If you don’t have melting candy chips already in the pantry, I would recommend stocking up and keeping them around.  They can turn almost anything in to a party!

Spiderweb Candy Template Pattern

Directions to Make Spiderweb Candy

  1. Print pattern and place UNDER parchment paper.
  2. Cut a small hole in the corner of a baggy.
  3. Melt vanilla candy in a glass container.
  4. Pour candy immediately into baggy.
  5. Pipe candy over pattern on the parchment paper.

Make a rootbeer float and place the web on the top of the glass.  Embellish with a plastic spider or spider pick.

Spider Float with DIY Candy Web

This drink is really fun to serve as a treat at a party as the concoction to go with a canvas painting. It is pretty much everything you need for a kid party!  If you want more spider ideas, you can grab them HERE – including a free printable puzzle.

Spider Canvas Painting for Kids

I feel like this is a great place to share a spider that I found last night while I was in Bluffton, SC walking around the historic downtown.  It is a banana spider and so cool to watch – and SO big.  I did a little research to find out a few banana spider facts.  They are shy by nature.  Banana spiders spin webs up to six feet in diameter.  Female banana spiders are larger than males.  They only bite when feeling threatened but the bite is not poisonous.

Banana Spider




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