Spooky Painted Magnets with a Halloween Memo Printable

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I love to paint rocks!  These glass rocks from Hobby Lobby are perfect for creating spooky painted magnets with a Halloween memo printable to match.  I get a little crazy when it comes to Halloween.  It is my favorite holiday of them all and there are just so many fantastic ways to decorate and create magic.


The rocks are almost like magic rocks!


Paint the base solid first then let it dry.  Add your spooky painting and let it dry completely.  I used Americana paints from DecoArt.


Painting Tip…I paint white first wherever I am adding something then the colors.


This PUMPKIN turned Jack-O!!!  I love it and it is a simple design for kiddos.


Spray with a good coat of Krylon’s Triple Thick Clear Glaze.  This stuff is the BEST! It dries quick to the touch but you want to give in 4 hours before handling your pieces.


Add your magnets with Aleene’s Liquid Fusion.


Ta Da!


This printable is FREE and has some adorable spooky designs that you can use to create holiday/seasonal notes or memos.


I seriously love the witch (and her pet kitten too).


Of course the pumpkins are pretty adorable…


Happy creating Halloween happiness, spooky fun and decor that you can actually use;


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