Stained Board Pumpkin Decor

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Create beautiful pumpkin decor by staining wood slabs into masterpieces.

DIY Wooden Pumpkin Ideas Wood Slice with Unicorn SPiT Stain

Fall is the best season! The smells of autumn and the cool winds of change make my heart smile. It is the season for decorating the entire house and the porch. This is best done with all things pumpkin decor. Wood slices in all shapes and sizes are great for creating beautiful pieces to add to the festivities for parties and the home. UNICORN SPiT® is a magical art medium that creates the most amazing masterpieces.

Materials and Supplies for Stained Wood Slice Pumpkin

Directions for Stained Wood Slice Pumpkin Decor

This is the most fun project because every single one will come out totally different based on the grain of the woods and the amount of UNICORN SPiT® used. Mixing the colors is truly magical. For this project I mixed some orange and brown to get the beautiful finish.

Step One

In two separate bowls, mix 1/2 parts water with 1/2 parts UNICORN SPiT® in both orange and brown. Use a paintbrush to gently brush the stain onto the wood.

Step Two

While brushing the colors on, use strokes of JUST water to blend the colors and create a design to your taste. NOTE: The dried finish will be a tad different than the wet. This is where the magic lives – in the final reveal!

Step Three

Once the surface is covered, it will be wet. Brush over it with dry paper towels. Let it dry. If it is too light for the look desired, add more stain and go through the process again. FUN FACT: The stain can layer!

Step Four

Once the large surface is covered with color, use the brown stain/water mix to cover the surface of a round wood slice then let it dry.

Glue the small round wood slice to whichever side of the larger one you’d like. This creates a stem for your rustic pumpkin decor.

Step Five

Add green twine, ribbons or fabric scraps around the base of the stem to complete your project.



Application – Did you know that UNiCORN SPiT®can be applied with paintbrushes, foam or makeup pads, spray bottles, cloth or fabric, paper towels or even your hands!  

Surfaces – UNiCORN SPiT®works on a large variety of surfaces including wood, glass, rocks, ceramic bisque, fabric and more.

Dry Time – UNiCORN SPiT® dries quickly. Dry time is approximately 3 minutes to 48 hours depending on material, technique, humidity and temperature. A dull chalky finish will appear letting you know when it’s dry.

More DIY Wooden Pumpkin Ideas

Beth made darling wood slice pumpkins that are perfect for decorating on tiered trays or on shelves.

This Hello Fall Wooden Sign is another super fun way to use the stain in creating fun fall decor!



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