Strawberry Pattern for Fabric and Paper Crafts

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Use this free pattern to make darling strawberry themed craft projects.

This pattern can be downloaded (below) and used as actual size OR resized for smaller or bigger strawberries. The pattern works great for felt, fabric and paper – as well as so many other surfaces. It can be traced onto anything and then painted too.

Supplies Needed for Felt Crafts

These are my favorite supplies for crafting with felt!

How to Use Strawberry Pattern with Felt

Whenever using a paper pattern with felt, I recommend this method for cutting out the shapes. Cut the pattern pieces apart then pin them to the felt color of choice. This ensures that there won’t be any messy pen marks from tracing with marker onto the felt then cutting. The more pins used, the easier it is to hold the pattern in place on the felt.

Let’s Make a Strawberry Themed Message Board

This is one of the easiest felt craft DIY project and can be done with so many patterns. It is great for beginner crafters and kids too.

Start by cutting out the pattern pieces using the method explained earlier in this post. Lay them out!

Glue the pieces together.

Glue to a cork board then add a hanger and it is done.

Another variation is to add a hanger to the strawberry and use it as ornament decor.

Free Strawberry Pattern

Hop over to this post filled with free strawberry printables to grab the pattern. There are other fun strawberry pages in the packet that you might love too.

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  1. Love this easy craft. This is something I can share with residents at the local assisted living faclity where I volunteer with crafting. thanks so much for passing this along.

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