DIY Teacher Appreciation Pennant Craft Idea

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DIY Teacher Appreciation Pennant Craft Idea

I am kicking off a series of DIY gift ideas for Teacher Appreciation!  It is that awesome, wonderful and fabulous time of year when we go the extra mile to appreciate teachers.  This teacher appreciation pennant is a fantastic way to spruce up a bouquet or plant when telling the teacher you love just how great they are.  The teacher appreciation pennant can be made in not much time and doesn’t require a ton of tools.  It is actually super easy.  Let’s make a DIY Teacher Appreciation Pennant!

Materials Needed

  • Kunin Felt (Black – 2 pieces 9 x 12, Red)
  • Ruler
  • Ribbons and Trims
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac
  • Scissors
  • Sizzix Die Cut Machine and Lemonade Alphabet (or you can hand cut letters)


Start by cutting out two black pennant pieces.  To do this, find the center of the felt on the short size and use two straight edges to create lines to the far corners.  Cut from that center point to the corners.

Next, glue a ruler to one of the pennant pieces along the short size.

Add ribbon pieces about 8 inches long along the ruler that is attached to the pennant.

Add a line of glue over the ribbons on the ruler and loop the other ends of the ribbons, placing them in the glue.

Add the other black pennant over the top, covering your ribbon/ruler.

Add a teacher name with die-cut letters.  Ta Da!  If you are wondering if there is really a Mrs. Cruz, there is.  She is a principal now but was my very first teacher friend my first year in the classroom.  Almost 30 years later, she is my best friend.  I am going to send this to her I think!

I love the way the Fabri-Tac works so great with the felt, the wood AND the ribbons!

There are so many great things you can make with felt for teachers. If you love this DIY Teacher Appreciation Pennant project, you might like this project too. It is a felt garland that you could make with basically the same materials!

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DIY Teacher Appreciation Easy No Sew Pennant

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Cheers to Teachers!!!


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  1. Love this! I may have to make this with a twist. If I do, I’ll definitely credit & link to your post for the original idea! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

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