Dr. Seuss Printables for Ten Apples Up on Top

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 Dr. Seuss Printables for Ten Apples Up on Top

These Dr. Seuss Printables for Ten Apples Up on Top are great for kids for so many reasons.  This book not has great content for teaching counting, it is also rich in rhymes and silly ideas for body movement. I love it because it shows how in the end we can all be great (and have 10 apples up on top).

Dr Seuss Printables Ten Apples Up On Top

BEST Tools For Working With Free Printables

These are my favorite tools and art supplies to use with free printables and why I love them too.

  1. Printer – This Laser Printer is inexpensive and works like a charm.  It even works with Alexa.  Bonus!
  2. Scissors – Lots of printables can be cut up to create decorations and cards and things like that.
  3. Markers and Crayons – All thing ooly work the best for me.  I LOVE all of their markers, pencils and crayons.
  4. Colored Pencils – For adult coloring, PRISM makes the colored pencils that I love to use most.
  5. Twine – For creating banners and garlands from printables, I love this twine best.
  6. Adhesive – Lots of printables have pieces that get cut out and put together.  This is my fave tape runner!

Counting with Dot Markers for Ten Apples Up on Top

You can download these pages here on the blog for free!

This activity is great for fine motor skills, counting and one to one correspondence. I love the Crayola Multicultural crayons because they allow every child the possibility to color in a way that represent themselves.

The printable activity sheets can be used to simply dot the numbers in. The Do-A-Dot markers are so fabulous for activities like this and basically for all the coloring things that preschoolers love to do. 

Additionally, it can also be used to write numbers and practice that skill too.

Ten Apples Up On Top Printable Kids and Apples

Furthermore, these pages can be used to cut out and use in a variety of ways.  It is is fun to provide a large piece of poster board or construction paper to build the ten apples up on top of the adorable kid (and animal heads).  For older kiddos, I recommend the activity below that includes self portraits.

Dr. Seuss Ten Apples Up on Top Kids

Cut our and color the head.

Attach the head to a longgggg piece of paper and add then lastly apples up on top.  Zots are a lot of fun for kids to use an adhesive for this activity.

Ten Apples Up On Top Dr Seuss Printables

Self Portraits with Ten Apples Up on Top

Kids love to do things that include themselves. This fun art project allows them to create themselves and then add apples up on top.  Simply have them draw themselves on watercolor paper then outline with a permanent black marker. Use watercolor paints to add the colors and details. 

Next, add the apples. 

By using the apple die that I designed for one of Ellison’s calendar sets, it was easy to make tons of paper apples really quickly.

Why Self Portraits

The designing of one’s own self portrait is so meaningful for children (of all ages really).  For instance, it allows a child the opportunity to define how they see themselves.  This allows a teacher, parent or other adult the chance to reflect on where a child sees his strengths and finds his own beauty.  Jeremy Newton shared ten reasons why self portraits are meaningful for kids to create.   I find them all to be great and a GREAT reason to do this project and connect it to literature.

8 Reasons for Kids to Draw Self Portraits

1. Your child is unlikely to have a better excuse for looking at themselves in the mirror. A self portrait gives children the time to study their eyes, nose, mouth and the rest of their face and body, and to work out how it all fits together – perfect for teaching children how to draw basic body shapes.

2. Creating a self portrait allows the maximum amount of artistic freedom. It’s you, so you can create it anyway that you want. The simplicity of a self portrait means that children can experiment with whatever materials they like to create their portrait.

3. Self portraits are a great way to get into art history. Every artist, from Rembrandt to Tracey Emim, has had a go at their self portrait. It’s the perfect vehicle for tracing the changes in visual art from past to present.

4. Self portraiture is the most introspective of art forms. By creating a self portrait, children learn who they are, how they want to present themselves and what’s important to them.

5. Drawing a self portrait is also excellent for teaching children that these personal ideas aren’t the same as what everyone else thinks. Children can learn how diverse our society’s views, values and appearances are, and hopefully develop values of respect and tolerance.

6. Self portraiture helps your child to consider their aspirations for the future. When creating a self portrait it’s important to encourage your child not just to think about who they are but who they want to become.

7. Self portraits allow children to see how they change as they grow. Like everyone, children are changing all the time – both year to year and day to day. Regular self portraits allow children to document that change, and help them to understand it.

8. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, creating a self portrait is fun! Self portraiture should be about creating something for yourself, and not worrying about what other people think or how they may respond. Children will learn that doing art is, at its best, quick, simple and enjoyable.

More Dr. Seuss Printables and Craft Ideas

First, Truffula trees represent the promise of regrowth.  This post has some fun ideas for ways to teach kids about the environment through another Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax.

Truffula Tree Pretzel Treats

Second, If you are a Cat in the Hat fan, here is a super adorable cupcake idea for you.

Dr Seuss Thing Cupcakes and Free Printable

Third, McElligot’s Pool is one of my favorite’s. This post has fun ideas for younger kids including free printables for graphing and using imagination as a tool.

Happy Reading and Learning!


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