Thanksgiving Decor Pallet Sign Art

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I whipped up a little Thanksgiving decor pallet sign art today using the amazing kits from MindWare.  I love that EVERYTHING you need to make a masterpiece is in the kit.  If you follow along on my blog or any of my social media accounts then you already know that I am huge fan of celebrating all the things.  I like to make most of my decor and include my kiddos and family whenever they are game to hang out in my studio with me.  This project is great for kids of all ages.  I have a few more pallets so can’t wait to get the kids to each do one for Christmas.  But hey, let’s not get ahead of the holiday by too far.  Let’s talk gratitude.  This post is sponsored by MindWare but the ideas and opinions are my own.

The Pallet Art Kit comes with a pallet, paints, brushes, stencils and chalk.

This is what it looks like in the store!

I created the turkey pallet decor first by painting my hand brown and making a print on the pallet.

I added details with the brushes and let it dry.  Ta Da!

For the leaves of my family, I used the sponge brush.  I mixed the colors a little to get the textured look.

All of the supplies are easy to work with. The stencil is thick and sturdy, therefore great for creating words and shapes.  I used it create a heart.

Once it was completely dry, I used a permanent marker from the kitchen drawer to add names and the message.

This kit is perfect for kids and families who might not stock a room full of craft supplies.  Even if a household is full of paints and brushes, the kit makes it super doable because it is an organized package of just what you need.

I got to share this on the FOX morning news.  Check it out.

Cheers to Gratitude, Creativity and Family!

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