Udderly Smooth Awesome Gift In a Paint Can

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This post is sponsored by Udderly Smooth but all ideas and opinions are my own.  This Udderly Smooth awesome gift in a paint can was super fun to create.  I can’t wait to give it away!  Udderly Smooth makes the perfect gift for everyone in my life but this time of year we are thinking about teachers.  After all, teacher appreciation is right around the corner.


You can grab these awesome products at CVS which makes it handy to pick them up.  While they are fun to give in a gift bag, they are even more fun in a paint can.  Here is how I made it.  You will need a paint can (big hardware store chains sell them empty) and acrylic paint.  I used Folk Art paints from Plaid because they are thick and creamy and cover the metal great.

I painted the can black and then realized that cows are white with black spots.  OOPS!  I decided to leave it and have it be a reverse cow print but did the lid the way it should be.


To make the tag, I printed the FREE PRINTABLE and attached it to cow print paper with Tombow’s awesome stamp runner.



I put all of the goodies in the can.


Then I hammered it shut and tied on the tag.


If you have a lot of teachers, you might want to scale it down and do a few items in the little tins.  To make it super special, you can add a little gift tag created with a custom stamp from Expressionery.



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