Unicorn Spit Wood Slice Rainbow

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Creating with magical Unicorn Spit to make this rainbow is worth everything!

This UNiCORN SPiT Wood Slice Rainbow is absolutely gorgeous whether I put it on my patio or hang it indoors.  The shimmer and glimmer of the crystal sparkles are simply dazzling. This project was my first time using UNiCORN SPiT®and I am in love.  Unicorn Spit is a concentrated gel stain that can be used a massive variety of projects and DIYs.  While this rainbow decoration was simple and fun — it inspired my creative mind to explore tons more projects and possibilities that I am excited to try out. This post was sponsored by Eclectic Product as they sent me the UNiCORN SPiT® to use in the making of the decor.

Unicorn Spit Stain Wood Slice Rainbow

Materials Needed for UNiCORN SPiT Wood Slice Rainbow

Directions to Make a UNiCORN SPiT® Wood Slice Rainbow

It is important to know that the UNiCORN SPiT® is highly concentrated and liquid like in form so it works best in a cupped palette. Note that a little goes a long way.  It can be used straight from the bottle as well as diluted which makes it super fun to experiment with.

Set up your work area. I tend to work on the floor in my living room. 

Paint the colors on to the wood slices, one color at a time.  The solids can be mixed with glitters if experimenting is your thing. 

Once the wood slices are dry, flip them over on a non-stick mat then glue them together using E6000. Place a dab between each slice.  For a more secure structure, glue wood sticks across the slices to create stability.

Add a ribbon tied into a bow with E6000. Tie a ribbon around the middle slice to create a hanger.

Hang to decorate! It looks fabulous outdoors.

And it also looks fantastic indoors.



Non-Toxic – Check out the certifications!

Application – Did you know that UNiCORN SPiT®can be applied with paintbrushes, foam or makeup pads, spray bottles, cloth or fabric, paper towels or even your hands!  

Surfaces – UNiCORN SPiT®works on a large variety of surfaces including wood, glass, rocks, ceramic bisque, fabric and more.

Dry Time – UNiCORN SPiT® dries quickly. Dry time is approximately 3 minutes to 48 hours depending on material, technique, humidity and temperature. A dull chalky finish will appear letting you know when it’s dry.

The UNiCORN SPiT® Story

This is the start of the story. I strongly suggest you hop over to the UNiCORN SPiT®website and read it entirety because it is amazing and empowering.

“As a wide-eyed 17-year-old, Michelle Nicole visited Kansas City from Anthony, New Mexico then permanently moved to Kansas City at 21 to live with her older brother, Tony. Tony owned and operated an adult daycare center in Kansas City, Kansas. This was a place where the elderly and disabled community could go to get out of the house and hang out with other people. 

Michelle soon found herself spending a lot of time with the folks. She found a great deal of joy being around them. Noticing that some folks got bored, Michelle decided to start having arts and craft days. They made several of the basic things you’d expect – macaroni pictures, hook rugs and the like. Michelle took note that the men didn’t seem to participate and just kind of turned their noses to the projects.”

Read the rest!!!

Two More UNiCORN SPiT® Projects

Beth stained a wooden bowl and Ann stained rocks.  Look how amazing and bright these colors came out!

To grab the details on Beth’s bowl, hop over to Creatively Beth (her amazing blog).

Ann’s rocks are over on her fabulous blog (Bella Crafts) so be sure to check out that too!

Unicorn Spit Stain Project ideas

CHEERS to Unicorns (SPiT and All), Rainbows, Creativity and Collaborating.



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  1. I want to make an actual unicorn for my unicorn loving 3 year old granddaughter. I would use wood.

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