Upcycled Jar Fairy Lantern With Ribbons

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Upcycled Jar Fairy Lantern With Ribbons

 This is one of the most adorable spring and summer kid craft ideas. The jar can be used for a lantern to light the way for fairies to have night parties. It is also great to use for a flower vase. Either way, with a little wire and some Offray brand ribbon (and the jar of course) you can create one in a matter of minutes!

I bet you are ready to make some to decorate your garden. This Upcycled Jar Fairy Lantern With Ribbons is a fantastic kid craft or party craft. I mean — how adorable is this little upcycled jar turned into a lantern? 

Upcycled Jar Fairy Lantern Craft for Kids

Materials Needed for Fairy Lantern

These are so much fun to create. The jar can be left plain or could be painted first. I think that sometimes simpler is better so this is what I used to make mine.

  • Recycled Glass Jar
  • Wire
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters

Directions to Make an Upcycled Jar Fairy Lantern With Ribbons

It’s as easy as 1…2…3….! Seriously, it is one of the easiest projects around. Here are the super basic, simple and easy steps.

  1. Wrap the wire around the lid of jar and twist it secure leaving a super long tail.
  2. Bend the wire into a handle then wrap it around the jar again to secure it.
  3. Add ribbons tied all over it to decorate and make it really pretty.

Adding Buttons

If you want to add the buttons, you have to thread them to the center of your wire piece AFTER you do the first twisting and BEFORE the second.

Ways to Use Recycled Jars

There are so many ways to use recycled jars. I am excited to share some of my favorites. There are lots of projects here on the blog using glass jars that I recycled to be used for storage, parties, home decor and so much more.

Recycled jars make great vases. – Glass jars are made to hold liquid so they are perfect for filling with water and adding flowers.

Glass jars work for candle holders. – Candle holders made from recycled jars are great for centerpieces and home decor.

Jars are great containers for storage.I use jars to hold tons of my art supplies so they stay organized!

Recycled jars make great drinking glasses. – Many jars work fabulously for drinking glasses. A variety spread out for a party is super fun.

Fairy lanterns can be made from recycled jars.Fairy lanterns are really fun for indoors but also to put out in the garden.

Use recycled jars for science experiments. – Whether you are making lava lamps or hurricanes in a jar – science is super fun.

Plant in recycled jars. – They work perfectly for gardening. I am going to make an herb garden in jars and will share it!

Recycled Jars make great party table centerpieces. – Because they can be upcycled a million different ways, they can be customized to any colors, theme or patterns.

Utensils fit in jars for party spreads.Use recycled jars for those party forks, spoons, knives and straws!

Ribbon makes everything prettier, more festive and happier.  Well, I think so anyway!

DIY Recycled Jar Fairy Lantern

Cheers to Making a Recycled Jar Fairy Lantern!


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