Upcycled Spools DIY Rainbow Decor

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Create beautiful rainbow decor using upcycled spools and colored twine.

Decorating is so wonderful when using items that have personal meaning like spools found during a great antiquing trip with a best friend. These spools were some of many purchased in a giant antique mason jar. With the addition of the fabulous colors of twine from Hemptique, they turned into beautiful diy rainbow decor. This is one of my favorite upcycled spools DIY.

Upcycled Spools DIY Rainbow Decor

Materials and Supplies Needed


Gather up the supplies needed for this project and prep by getting the spools cleaned up and ready. Remove any old threads. The stickers on the ends can be removed if desired. I think they add a lot of character so decided to leave them on.

Step One

Start with one wooden spool. Place a small amount of hot glue at one end and attached the end of a spool of twine. I started with red and worked my way through the rainbow.

Wrap the twine around the spool tightly until reaching the other end. Cut the twine and use hot glue to attach the end to the wood.

If your spools are different sizes, it is a good idea to think through the order that is best before starting.

One by one, wrap all of your spools.

Step Two

Cut a piece of wire the length of your spools lined up plus a few extra inches for the wooden beads. It doesn’t have to be exact as it can be cut down at the end of threading the spools and beads.

Step Three

Thread the wire through a bead and use hot glue to seal the end of the wire inside the bead. this bead can be smaller than the others used in the project if desired.

Step Four

Thread your spools and beads onto the wire – alternating between spools and beads until they are all threaded.

Once they are all threaded, add another bead stopper with hot glue at the end like done at the start. Trim off any excess wire.

Step Five

Add a metal charm with an inspirational message for that special added touch. I love this saying – Stay Curious.

Tie twine through the hole and into a knot then tie that onto the corresponding wrapped spool.

Step Six

Add a hanger to the final spool rainbow by threading a piece of twine through the middle spool and creating a loop with a knot.

Hang your beautiful masterpiece up to admire.

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Vintage Spools Rainbow Decor DIY

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  1. Such a fun project Laura.
    Thank you for sharing your upcycled DIY rainbow project at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring it at the party tonight and pinning too.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

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