Wooden Stick Scarecrow

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Wooden Stick Scarecrow

Fall is the perfect season to create fun scarecrow projects and celebrate the season of the end of the harvest.  Wooden stick crafts are usually geared towards kids but this is a more “grown-up” version that would be perfect for tween and adults. Using hemp cord really dresses a project up and gives it extra class making it perfectly awesome autumn decor

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Supplies Needed for Wooden Stick Scarecrow

Directions to Make Wooden Stick Scarecrow

Step One

Place a small amount of hot glue on the end of one craft stick. Wrap the entire stick and then use hot glue on the opposite end to make it stay in place.

Step Two

Connect the wooden sticks to make a scarecrow base by gluing additional sticks as crossbars on the back. The one on top will be glued on the ends and pressed into the base until the hot glue cools completely.

Step Three

Glue the wrapped stick to the front of the base about 1/4 of the way from the top.

Step Four

Wrap the top of the base with a coordinating color the the one used for the rim of the hat using the same technique as before.

Step Five

To create a flower for the scarecrow hat, use another coordinating color of hemp cord. I love the box sets of 4 colors on projects like this where you only need a little bit of cord. Wrap the cord around your hand about 12 times then tie it in the middle as if making a tassel or pom-pom. Pull the two ends of the tie through the wooden wheel or a large button then either tie it off or use hot glue to secure in place.

Wooden Stick Scarecrow Hemp Cord Flower

Step Six

Wrap a fourth color of Hemptique hemp cord around the bottom of the base to create a scarf for the scarecrow, securing it with hot glue on the back.

Step Seven

Add a stick to the back to give the scarecrow a handle or a stand.

This adorable scarecrow could be used in so many ways. He would be a great addition to a plant, a wreath or a patch of pumpkins. I love him best in the Scarecrow Munch Mix. You can get the recipe to whip up a batch here on the blog.

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Reasons to Decorate Your Home

There are so many great reasons to decorate your home.  The decor determines the mood and the feel for your family and all who enter. It is a form of expression.  A home that is well decorated can lower anxiety and create a sense of ease and peace.  Different rooms can have different vibes determined solely by the decor — from the colors to the furniture to the accent decor.  Here are my top five reasons to decorate your home and invest in the process.

  1. A well decorated room creates a space for healthy living including the atmosphere as well as the functionality.
  2. Decorated spaces can promote well being, creativity, better rest, etc.
  3. It is fun.
  4. Home decor can change with the seasons, the holidays, and the times. It is a way to update style.
  5. There are no rules to home decorating. Your home is unique to you and your family.

Cheers to Autumn, Scarecrows and Crafting!


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