Yard Game with Dice and Free Printable Scoresheets

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Create an play this fun family game with giant wooden dice.

Spending time outdoors is so important.  It is important for everyone.  One of my favorite things about this project is that it is perfect for the entire family, all ages included.  Because you will be painting the giant sized dice, you can put whatever you want on them.  I am suggesting hearts and specific icons but you could really do anything.  Imagine making these with special themes for sports, parties and the like.  This post is sponsored by DecoArt but the ideas and opinions are my own.  If you don’t already have Patio Paints, order them now!  They are creamy and awesome for all the outdoor projects. I am excited to share a Yard Game with Dice AND a great way to make giant playing pieces.

Yard Game With Dice and Free Printable Scoresheet

Okay, let’s make a set.

What Will You Need to Make a Yard Game with Giant Wooden Cubes

What To Paint on the Cubes

This matters!  What you paint on the cubes for the yard games with dice will determine what you can play.  For THIS game, you will need to choose FIVE colors that will be painted on all five cubes, a heart in each color on one side of each of the five cubes. Isn’t this Yard Game With Dice turning out so adorable?

On the remaining side, paint 5 different FUN outdoor icons. This could really be any theme. If you have kids that play a sport, use some sporting icons. These would be fun with school/mascot ideas too. Some other fun themes would be Harry Potter (OF COURSE), school subjects or even animals.

This is what I painted. You can be super creative and paint anything you want here on your Yard Game With Dice.

To get the adorable little faces on the cubes, I waited for the first design to totally dry.  Then I mixed a little pink with some white paint and dabbed on cheeks.

Once the cheeks are dry, add two dot eyes on each and mouths.

How To Play the Game

On each player’s turn, they get THREE rolls.  They can keep dice back from each roll if desired.  They are trying to score points.

They can roll for each color of heart on one turn.  The number they get of that color heart times 2 (so doubled) goes in the box for that color under that player’s name.  The symbols that are not hearts (rainbow, cloud, house, tree, sun) each count for points too.  For each of those showing at the end of a turn, put a tally mark in the box for that symbol.  One of the turns is trying to roll for all 5 of the symbols!  After everyone has gone 6 times, total up the score.

Here is a downloadable scoring card.

Yard GAME Dice Roll Scoring Card

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So, let’s work on scoring.  What would this be worth?

The 4 purple hearts (doubled) would be worth 8 points in the purple row.  An extra point would go in the rainbow block for the symbol.

How about this one?

This could be 2 pink hearts (so 4 points) OR 2 orange hearts (so 4 points) OR 1 green heart (so 2 points).  Only one color gets scored in a turn!

Which symbol is your favorite?  Mine is the rainbow.

Patio paints are great for outdoor games because they are made for the outdoors.  If desired, a topcoat can be applied to protect the designs.

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Stay tuned for another super fun hand painted yard game coming soon!  Until then, if you want to paint all the things, I recommend painting some kindness rocks.  Harry Potter is a great place to start.  Here are some fabulous Harry Potter kindness rocks.


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Cheers to Yard Game With Dice and Free Printables too!


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