Yarn Bumble Bees

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These bees are great little projects to do on those crazy hot days in the summertime.  Kiddos love bugs. This post is sponsored by Xyron and features their awesome Mega-Runner as my favorite, easy to use, adhesive.  The ideas and opinions are my own.  I love this tool because it creates great adhesive strips that work on paper for making cards/scrapbooking but is strong enough to work with other mediums too.  I also love that it has refill cartridges so it isn’t super wasteful.

Okay, so let’s do this yarn bumble bee thing.  You will need the following materials:

Cut our the body using the pattern.  Cover one side with adhesive from the Mega Runner.

Wrap yellow yard around the body until you feel like it is covered.  It works great because the adhesive keeps it in place.  You will need to tie off the end.

Add black wrapped a few times around it then a googly eye.  The Mega Runner adhesive works great for the eye if you have one that is not already sticky on the back.

Cut out and add wings with the Mega Runner.

Ta Da!  You have a buzzing bumble bee.

I did not add a stinger because I am not happy about bee stings.  In case you are wondering, bumblebee workers and the queens can sting, and their stinger is smooth – not barbed like that of the honeybee – so they can sting more than once. Male bumblebees cannot sting as they do not have a stinger.  That means all of my yarn bees will be boys.

Cheers to Summertime, Bees that Do Not Sting and Crafting,


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