Alice in Wonderland Through The Looking Glass Tea PARTY

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These are the best ideas for an Alice in Wonderland Party

With the newest, Alice Through the Looking Glass, hitting the theaters this weekend, I put together some fun (and quick) party ideas to make the movie going even more fun!  We love to celebrate all the things in our family.  When a new movie is hitting the big screen (especially Disney), we like to make the very most of the experience.  It is so much fun to throw an Alice in Wonderland through the Looking Glass Tea Party.

If you are looking for the recipe for the amazing and delicious magical strawberry mushroom brownies, grab it and make them!

If you want the fun FREE printables, you can grab them too!

How adorable is this paper plate craft that makes a magical mushroom decoration?


This is the perfect party set up for outdoors and celebrating Alice in Wonderland.

To create the decorations, I used felt from Kunin Group to sew a mushroom banner.  It is so darling.  I have a friend (Madge Gillen) who LOVES mushrooms and I just know she would want this so I might just send it to her.  If you want to use my pattern, you can get the free dowload.

Felt Mushroom Garland

You can sew a front and back and stuff these too for extra decoration fun like this one with the Red Queen Cake Cones.

 Cake cones are great to bake cupcakes in and then decorate.

Red Queen Cones

You can even leave them open at the tops and add little handles for goody bags!  Isn’t this Alice in Wonderland game printable so fun?

Alice in Wonderland Printable 2

I also used a the printable pattern that I whipped up for the decorations on these little party sandwiches.  I figured this was a great way to get some protein in this buffet of fun for my kiddos.

Wonderland Chess Sandwiches

The menu includes a few more delicious treats inspired by the Alice in Wonderland stories.  To get started, I made some cucumber sandwiches like the Mad Hatter serves.  The Laughing Cow Cheese in the middle makes them DELIGHTFUL!

Mad Hatter Cucumber Sandwiches

I thought some healthy veggies would be a great idea, especially for the White Rabbit.  If you know me, you already know that I have a LOVE for @allthingscarrots … need proof … check out this post.

White Rabbit Snacks

These mushrooms on sticks sure came out super cute (and yummy).  I mean who doesn’t love strawberries and right now is the season!!!

Wonderland Mushrooms

They are stuck in a pan of brownies and decorated with candy rocks.  YUMMELICIOUS!

Wonderland Mushrooms 2

Of course a party needs a printable game to be complete.

You can download this one FREE HERE and have a ball coloring and finding the words.

Alice Looking Glass Word Search

The printable makes a great activity and so does this paper plate mushroom craft!  I shared it on the blog and you can see it here.

ALice in Wonderland Printable

The plate of party food is yummy!!!

Alice in Wonderland Party Plate

If you want to use the same paper tags that I used to label the foods, you can have it too!

Wonderland Food Labels

The first movie that Disney did (Alice in Wonderland) was so fantastic.  We can’t wait to go to opening night to see Alice Through the Looking Glass in a couple of days.  If you are headed that way too, I hope some of these fun ideas cause you to make it into a celebration!

I am pretty excited about Pink singing “White Rabbit” too.  I love that she shares in this interview that the movie will “really inspire imagination”.

Cheers to Inspiring Imagination,


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PS:  I have these cards and I LOVE them!

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