Candy Coated Mummy Potato Chips

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I went to World Market to get popcorn boxes, came home and this happened.  These are candy coated mummy potato chips and not only are they simply adorable but they WERE delicious!

Mummy and Pumpkin Candy Coated Chips and Pretzels

First of all, let me share that the salted potato chips from World Market are bomb.  They are thick and crunchy and perfect.  Second, let me just state that these are so easy to make that ANYONE can be successful.  Place your chips on a non-stick surface.  This mini pan is from the Children’s Baking Set.

World Market Chips

Melt candy coating and drizzle it over the chips like mummy gauze.

White Candy Coating on Mummy Chips - Copy

Add these candy eyes.

Candy Eyes on Mummy Chips - Copy

Ta Da!

Mummy Potato Chips

Mummy Chip in the Sky

They make a super fun gift.

Mummy Candy Potato Chips

And of course, all potato chip mummies need little pretzel pet pumpkins!

Candy Coated Mummy and Pumpkin

I created the hand stamped gift tag in a flash.  I keep a box of these tags from World Market right by my collection of stamps that I design for Expressionery.

World Market Gift Tags and Expressionery Stamp

Mummy Chips Square

Cheers to creating things and to spooky treats,


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