Team Creative Crafts

Team Creative Crafts 

Beth, Lindsay and I operate at Team Creative Crafts. While we all run our own small businesses and have our own blogs — we also collectively do many campaigns and collaborations together. I have found that this team supports me in so many ways. Teamwork can be far more rewarding than working alone. A super fun fact about our team is that we are all Hufflepuffs in the Wizarding World. <3

Meet the Team!

Laura at Laura Kelly Designs | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Beth at Creatively Beth | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Lindsay at Artsy-Fartsy Mama | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Here are some of the ways we work together:

Monthly Themed Collaborations

Each month we sponsor a themed collaboration with a minimum of 12 other bloggers. This gives the three of us as well as all the others the opportunity to create content that is relevant and trendy for our audiences in a batch of ideas. Offering selections of ideas based on a theme is supportive to our readers when they are looking for making things based on a theme for a holiday, celebration or seasonal decor. Often times we team up with a favorite company too to offer our readers giveaways and prizes.

This is one of my favorite collabs to date – Harry Potter Christmas!


Several times a year we get together and hold Craft-A-Thons which gives us the opportunity to share our creativity, laughter and stories in person. These days are worth their weight in gold (or better yet — craft supplies) because we truly have so much fun together. We choose our favorite companies that we work with and take this opportunity to feature a product of their choice. It gives us a time to mastermind, brainstorm and play together. To be totally honest, they are some of my favorite weeks of the year.

Here is a recap of our latest Craft-A-Thon!

Christmas Crafts to Make with Friends #teamcreativecrafts #christmascrafts #craftwithfriends #partycraft #diy

Weekly Linky Parties

Each week Team Creative Crafts launches a new Linky Party. It is a place on all three of our blogs where others can share their ideas and projects. We gather our favorite projects from the submissions and feature them the following week in the next Linky Party. This is a great way to connect with other creative bloggers. It gives them a platform to spread their creativity so we love it!

Check out a linky party and let me know what you think!