Cricut Stocking Ideas

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This morning I had the honor of sharing awesome Cricut stocking ideas, both decorating the stockings AND the things that go inside on FOX News Denver.  I always love love love to spend time with awesome KDVR team behind the scenes and on the set when we are live.  I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with them each month to share ideas with you!  This morning was so fun and energizing.

Hopefully everyone who watched is inspired to take their stocking game to the next level.  The Cricut machines allow personalizing options for fabric, metal, plastic, glass and so much more.  Stockings can be personalized but so can buckets, tubs and jars.  I love that the things that go inside the stocking can also be personalized with Cricut.  Gosh, things can be made to go in the stocking too using Cricut!  It is like the bestest greatest thing ever.

The Explore Air 2 is a great way to enter the Cricut world of creating ALL THE THINGS!  I recommend starting with a Cricut Bundle!

One of the most awesome things about Cricut is that you can get their products on their website.  It adds so much value that they have amazing customer service.  However, when it a time constraint, Michaels carries their products too and has all the things you need.

I love that the Cricut Mini Press is so darn adorable and works so great.  I think it would be PERFECT in a stocking or gifted at any time for any reason at all.  We used it on air to add names to stockings via tags.

This Christmas Michaels has an exclusive RED Cricut Air Explore 2.  I shared it in my segment but guys, it is BRAND new.  Is is shiny and beautiful and ready to go to a new home.  You can enter to WIN it here on my blog, along with a GOLD Cricut Cutie.

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220 thoughts on “Cricut Stocking Ideas”

  1. My favorite tradition is writing gifts for Jesus notes (when anyone sees someone doing someone nice they write it down and add it to the gift box.) We read them out loud as a family on Christmas day.

  2. Our tradition is to spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with my Husband’s family. Red is my favorite color and I’ve been waiting for a bright red cricut to come out! I’m in love!!

  3. My favorite tradition is Christmas pajamas for Christmas eve. Sometimes they match, sometimes they have a theme, but new comfy jammies for watching movies and waiting for Santa!

  4. Each year fewer and fewer traditions exist 🙁 The only one we still have it attending the Christmas Eve Lovefeast at our church.

  5. What an awesome giveaway. My favorite Christmas tradition is fixing up my house with Christmas decor for my friends to see. About a week ago, my friends father passed away. He had gotten pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. It weakened his heart and he ended up passing away. It was so sad, because I never got the chance to meet him. I wanted to do something nice for my friend so I fixed my entire apartment up with Christmas decor to bring a little joy to him since he is grieving. He loves Christmas. So this year that is what I am doing. Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  6. One of my favorite traditions is cutting down our own Christmas tree! We’ve done it since I was a kid and now I do it with my husband!

  7. Definitely watching Santa come by on the firetruck then driving around looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve!

  8. My favorite holiday tradition is looking at the Christmas lights in our pjs drinking hot cocoa. I also love stuffing stockings 🙂

  9. My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve candlight service, followed by spending time with family. Merry Christmas!

  10. I would love to win this red cricut! Thank you!! My favorite holiday tradition is baking with my daughter and grand daughter, just like I remember doing with my mom and grandma ❤️???

  11. My favorite Christmas tradition is taking my granddaughter to see as many lights as we can find. She’s two and this is only the second year we’ve got to do this. So excited to continue this with her every year

  12. I love all the ideas and inspiration. I can’t wait to get home from work every day so I can “Cricut”!

  13. I guess our family tradition centers around Christmas dinner. It is not Christmas with Christmas Crackers, paper hats, Yorkshire pudding, and sausage stuffing.

  14. My favorite Christmas Tradition that we do every year, is the way we spend the Holidays. My family is Hispanic and so we spend Christmas Eve with my parents and siblings and open gifts at midnight. Then, we head home around 2 am, put the kids to bed, and we start setting up for Santa! In the morning, we open presents, just us and our kids and then head over to our in-laws and celebrate Christmas Day. We found a way to enjoy this special holiday with the people most important to us and I wouldn’t have it any other way…

  15. My favorite tradition is when the whole family gets together and we decorate the tree, and talk, laugh, and reminisce about all the ornaments we hare gathered thru the years.

  16. We love decorating, taking pictures with Santa, making cookies, gingerbread houses and celebrating my daughters birthday.

  17. Family time! Whether we are cooking, eating, or playing games!!! Just being together makes the best memories!

  18. My favourite tradition is our church Christmas Eve Service and then we go to the Nursing Home to be with our now 104 year young Grandmother.

  19. My favorite Christmas tradition is going to cut our tree and then decorating it as a family. We collect ornament from places we have been or to celebrate special moments in our lives so each ornament is a memory.

  20. My favorites for Christmas are church, family, movies, music, cookies, decorations, lights, Playmobil. Love it all

  21. I love our 3 nights of Christmas movies tradition. Last night I picked A Christmas Story and my 7 year old actually stuck around and watched it! Success! Tonight my son picked The Polar Express. I’m not sure what we will watch on Christmas Eve yet. We have fun deciding though.

  22. My favorite Christmas tradition is getting to be with my family. As my boys are getting older (18 and 21), I realize that we may not get to be together as they grow and have their own families. I am going to make every minute count!

  23. My favorite tradition is watching Christmas movies on Christmas Eve before the kids go to bed. We have all kinds of goodies to eat! It’s a lot of fun.

  24. So many great traditions and with a new great-grand baby in the house it’s all fun! Decorating, baking, old movies, wrapping gifts, it’s all so meaningful and fun for the new 1 year old baby! Thanks for the chance at such an awesome giveaway!

  25. Our favorite tradition is baking lots of goodies to hand out to family and friends at the holidays for them to enjoy with there families .

  26. My favorite tradition is the one we are starting this year my husband and i are making something for everyone of our family member’s together and each year we are going to get a christmas movie abd and cuddle up when we are done

  27. Every year we start, from the youngest to the oldest, thanking God for his blessings and wonderful gifts He has given us this year. One at a time, we thank God and open 1 gift. When the oldest is done, it’s a gift free for all!

  28. My favorite holiday tradition is making ice cream with grandpa. This will be the first great my girls will make it with my dad. I just bought him a new ice cream maker. Much different from they hand crank one we used with my grandfather… ❤

  29. We make an ornament to represent something important that happened in our family for the year. Plus eating crepes for Christmas breakfast

  30. Our favorite traditions is to open a gift which is pjs on Christmas Eve and watch a Christmas movie with popcorn, cocoa and cookies.

  31. My favourite tradition is going to Christmas
    Eve candlelight service then drive around looking at the lights in our small town.

  32. My favorite tradition is celebrating on Christmas Eve with the extended family – making ornaments, having a gift exchange and enjoying the homemade Christmas cookies!

  33. We do a themed stocking stuff to fill stockings. This year is music from the year you were born. I found some Beasty Boy , album covers for my nephews and cassettes of the Gogo’s for my nieces. One sister is getting a Sargent Pepper, file folder and pen set.

  34. My favorite Christmas tradition is making the cookies and goodies. I hide them and my husband always gives me a hard time on hiding them til Christmas!

  35. My favorite tradition is getting together with all of my kids on New Years, instead of Christmas, and playing lots of fun games.

  36. My favorite Christmas tradition is sitting an looking at the tree lights after all are in bed and it is very quiet.

  37. Things change when the kids grow up and move away; now it is the Advent House Calendar I made for my granddaughter. I go shopping each year in November for little trinkets, treats, and the pj’s to fill it with. This coming year I’ll be making one for her little brother. It will probably be a dump truck or a school bus….

  38. Whoever wins this is going to have a great start of 2020! Thank You for keeping us creative. My favorite Holiday Tradition is remembering previous years and trying to find something from each to do again. (Although I am trying to get away from decorating on Christmas Eve.

  39. My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together with family and friends, eating a lot of good food, and telling hilarious stories! We also have certain movies that we watch every year and of course, listening to lots of Christmas music!!

  40. My favorite Christmas tradition is spending the entire afternoon with extended family! Thank you for the chance to win!

  41. I know the Christmas season is here when I can pull out my Osmond Christmas album and begin watching all the Rankin/Bass specials I enjoyed as a kid and still love. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway.

  42. I love when the family gets together to decorate cookies. Even the guys get involoved and it is so much fun filled laughter.

  43. I was asking my girls(10 &13) this, and was surprised that the simple things are their favorite. They love going to Christmas Eve service, then out to dinner and getting their one package to open which is always Christmas jammies then putting them on in the restaurant bathroom and driving around to look at lights.
    Time with family anyway I can get it, is mine; baking cookies, watching Christmas movies, playing Christmas games, putting together the Christmas puzzle and creating gifts for teachers & friends. On one of our doctors visits to children’s hospital we visited the tween room and got to use their circut to create decorative jars. The girls have been obsessed ever since saving their babysitting money so they can buy a circut and all the goodies to go with it. This would be a neat opportunity for us if we win. MERRY Christmas.

  44. We do a “Polar Express” every year. We put the kids to bed, sneak downstairs and make rich hot chocolate, popcorn and snag some Christmas cookies. The we play the sound clip from the Polar Express movie of the train arriving. Our kids bolt out of their rooms and wait look for my sweet husband who has their tickets to stamp. Then we drove around and look at Christmas lights. It is my most favorite thing we do all year!! ? ? ?

  45. We love to pile in the car Christmas Eve and drive around checking out the Christmas Lights. Then a late dinner and presents. Santa seemed to arrive while we were out driving

  46. When my girls help me get all the Christmas out and we start decorating the house! Put on a Christmas movie and just take our time enjoying the decor!

  47. I love decorating. It has always been a way for us to do something together for Christmas. We tend to be pretty low key otherwise.

  48. I love to create cards, I started when I was really young, then I kinda forgot about it and I recently started again. Also, Christmas is the only time I can see some of my family, so celebrating with friends and family and our traditional potato salad dinner ought to be the number one tradition 🙂

    Merry Christmas to all!

  49. That sock monkey is so cute!!!! Love it!! My fave Christmas tradition is going out the day after Thanksgiving to cut down our tree from the national forest. It’s always a fun little adventure, with a thermos of hot cocoa in tow to warm us up!

  50. We have a Christmas Eve get together. Three generations of family and friends. Best time ever. Doing this for over 50 years.

  51. We open new pjs on Christmas Eve. Everyone changes into them and then we turn out all of the lights except the holiday lights and have hot chocolate. It is great family time and even though my youngest is 15 he really looks forward to it too.

  52. Favorite Christmas tradition is watching Christmas movies all day on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking Christmas cookies with my daughter like I did with my mom and grandmother

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  54. Family dinner followed by a Christmas movie. We sit by the fireplace & vote on what to watch. Then cookies while watching our movie. This will be a great gift for Savannah. My daughter who is a teacher, 1st grade at Beverly Mathis. They can create a lot of crafts with this red circuit!

  55. Each year we choose an usual place to have Christmas diiner. This year it was Mid evil times in Dallas. Wonderful

  56. My favorite Christmas traditions are decorating the house, holiday baking and spending time with friends and family!

  57. My favorite Christmas tradition is meeting up with family and friends on Christmas eve at our favorite restaurant.

  58. My favorite holiday tradition which is also my favorite day of the entire year is we, as a family, turn off all electronics except for the tv and we spend the entire day on our pj’s baking, playing games, and doing Christmas crafts as a family with no interruption while playing Christmas movies or shows only. The only time a phone gets touched is to order take out for dinner,. Other than that it is like the only world is that in our home as a family. We do this every year the Saturday before Christmas. At night, once it gets dark we go to the Santa house and then ride around and see all the Christmas lights.

  59. My favorite tradition is opening gifts on Christmas eve visiting with the older kids who come visit since they are gown we all make sure the 12 year old get’s spoiled and we spend time eating good food and just having a good time catching up with everyone and talk about our goals and plans for the new year and if we can do anything to help one another with them

  60. My favorite Christmas tradition is opening presents in our pajamas and then making homemade cinnamon rolls for brunch.

  61. Having lost both parents 6 years ago plus grandparents and aunts, I like to make a food using a recipe that each one was known for making for Christmas. This year I made my Mom’s Chocolate Pound Cake (a family favorite) my Grandmother’s potato salad, my dad’s ham, my aunt’s cookies. It helps my brothers and I remember them every Christmas and always stirs up a coversation about the people we are missing.

  62. is waiting until the last minute to wrap all the presents on christmas eve, on the living room floor with my husband and a bottle of wine, while fighting our ninja kitty cats to stay off the wrapping paper, while watching the elf considered a tradition? because if so.. that’s mine.

  63. Christmas morning breakfast with the good china and the table made up nice. When my dad was still with us it was extra special and memories I will cherish.

  64. My husband is Polish. We do a special Christmas Eve dinner with 12 dishes to represent the 12 apostles and the kids read the Christmas story.

  65. We have oyster stew on Christmas eve, and then a contest to determine which family member wins the coveted “Meyer Cup”

  66. Thanks for the fun giveaway! My favorite tradition is our Christmas breakfast of orange rolls in our pajamas and listening to christmas music while opening gifts.

  67. We just like the religious celebration starting with the first day of Advent through to the 12th day of Christmas, the day of epiphany, on January 6.

  68. My favorite tradition would have to be going over to my brother’s house to have Christmas Eve dinner with the whole family. It’s always a good time with delicious food.

  69. My favorite Christmas tradition is driving around looking at all the lights and decorations after dinner on Christmas Eve

  70. My favorite Christmas tradition is going to see the lights in the park and making gingerbread house with my kids.

  71. Matching family Christmas Eve jammies! This would be cool to be able to create our own – or really personalize them every year!!

  72. I always make sugar cookies with the kids on Christmas Eve, they have so much fun and like leaving the cookies out for Santa that night.

  73. My favorite Christmas tradition is being with my family on Christmas morning watching the kids open their presents and celebrating the reason for the season Jesus

  74. Buying a new Christmas ornament each year for our tree… we always buy 1 or 2 ornaments that signified something that happened that year that affected the entire family.. that way our tree tells our family story. The kids have always enjoyed bringing people to the house and tell them the stories behind each of the ornaments =)

  75. Making Christmas cookies with my grand mother and going downtown to watch Santa and Mrs. Claus come into town on their sleigh.

  76. I really don’t have one single favorite Christmas tradition. Instead, it’s doing all of those familiar “little things” that I love and look forward to every year. For example, I love all of the “crafty” things that I do in the several weeks-plus leading up to Christmas Day, e.g., making gift tags, doing needlework projects, making an Advent calendar, and making fun banners. I also love listening to my favorite holiday music, and baking great recipes. 🙂

  77. My favorite tradition is my husband reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to my children. And now to my grandchildren.

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