DIY Countdown Chain

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Create a darling paper crafted countdown chain!

This DIY Countdown Chain can be made for to use to counting down to any special day, holiday or celebration. I love it because it can be done as a simple or elaborate project and can be themed a trillion different ways. Counting down to the thing we look forward to builds the excitement and also helps with the planning.  Countdowns provide structure and stability in many ways too. Let’s make a countdown chain using some of my favorite adhesives from Therm-O-Web. This post is sponsored by Therm-O-Web but the ideas and opinions are my own.

DIY Countdown Chain With Free Printable

Why Everyone Can Benefit From A Countdown

Hold on, wait!  Before we make the chain, let me share a few reasons why we can all benefit from a countdown.

  1. Countdowns for kids provide assurance and stability that something is going to happen at a certain time. I used them with my kids when they were little. I used them in my classroom with my kids.  Whether counting down hours until bedtime, minutes left in time-out or days until summer break–the visual helps kids process time.
  2. The act of counting down provides the opportunity to plan and be responsible in preparing for the final celebration, vacation or holiday. It is like a reminder to get things done. It creates a sense of urgency in a way.
  3. For many, counting down is a form of inspiration, almost empowering.  It builds excitement and anticipation

Okay, now we can make a chain.

Materials Needed

Directions to Make a DIY Countdown Chain

The first step is to cut your paper strips.  They can be any size depending on where you plan to have your chain. Keep in mind that small kids do better working with larger strips of paper that are narrow and long. For this chain, I am using strips that are 8 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide.

Next, decorate your strips with die-cuts. The die-cuts need to be small enough that they don’t stick out too far off of the strip or they will make the assemble and the displaying of the chain more difficult.

Third, add any messages to the inside of the chain pieces that might be empowering, uplifting or helpful in preparing.  Here are three examples of messages that might go on the inside of a countdown chain link for a vacation.  If you do this, it is important to keep track of your links as you assemble to make sure they go in the accurate order. There is a free printable below with 10 inspirational sayings that could be added to any paper chain leading up to an event.

  • 10 more day to go. Start packing those bags!
  • 3 days until we will be riding Hagrid’s rollercoaster.
  • 1 more day. Print those boarding passes.

Lastly, put your chain together using Therm-O-Web Mounting Squares.

Assembling the DIY Countdown Chain as a Garland

Now you have a couple of choices about assembly.

One way to create the countdown tool is to make a traditional chain by linking each piece together as shown above.  Another way it to create more of a garland by adding all of the links to a long piece of ribbon then adding more ribbon ties to decorate it.

Paper Chain Link Garland

This creates an adorable decoration too!

Free Printable Countdown Chain for 14 Days

I whipped up a free inspirational countdown chain printable that works for a two week period.  It can be colored then assembled and used to countdown to whatever fun thing might be happening in your life or the life of your child.  It could also be used to empower someone to be prepared for something hard like a surgery.

Countdown Chain Empowerment Printable

Five Reasons to Papercraft

I think that paper crafting is such a great idea for so many reasons.  Here are my top five to share with you.

  1. Paper crafting promotes creativity.
  2. Making things with paper can be therapy. It can be a form of expression in times when verbal communication is difficult.
  3. Crafting with paper tends to be a little less expensive than some other types of crafting.
  4. Decorations made with paper are lightweight and easy to hang.
  5. Cards are made with paper and handmade cards being sent in the mail is always a fantastic idea.

MORE Fun Paper Craft Ideas with Therm-O-Web Adhesives

This handmade flower card is fun and simple. It is a great way to use paper scraps.


Furthermore, lunchbox notes are always a great idea to stick in to lunchboxes, briefcases and suitcases alike. Check these out here on the blog.

Easy Lunchbox Notes Sprinkle Kindness

My Favorite Paper Craft Supplies

I put together a list of my must-have Paper Crafting Supplies.  These alone will create endless number of projects and activities.



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