DIY Felt Craft Minion Snack Bags

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Let’s make some adorable minion goody bags for snacks to take to the movies.

Everyone is bananas for the minion because they are loyal, adorable and super funny too. These little bags are made with felt and glue (no sewing necessary) so can be done in a matter of minutes. Use them to make goody bags or snack bags to take to the movies. These felt craft minion bags are simply adorable.

DIY Felt Craft Minion Bag

Materials and Supplies Needed

DIY Felt Craft Minion Snack Bags Supplies

Directions to Make Minion Snack Bags

These steps are easy to follow but be sure to adhere strictly to the dry time. The fabric glue AND the fabric paint both need to dry overnight before using the bags. It is a good ideas to make them ahead of time if they are going to be used as goody bags for a minions themed party!

Step One

Cut a sheet (12 x 9) of Kunin felt in yellow in half to two pieces that measure 6 x

Step Two

Put a thick line of E-6000 Fabri-Fuse around the edge of three sides of one of the pieces of felt. Stick the ends of a ten inch long piece of ribbon on the top of each side of the bag.

Add a tiny bit of glue to on top of the ribbon that covered the felt. Put the other piece of yellow felt on top of this one.

Step Three

Add a black piece of felt for the goggle band that measures the six inch width and approximately 1 inch high. This makes a darling start for the felt craft minion eyes!

Step Four

To create the goggles and eyes, trace something circular onto gray felt then cut the circles out. Two are needed.

Glue the circles over the black band and then glue the google eyes on top of the gray circles.

Step Five

Add a blue strip of felt for overalls if desired. This is not necessary but adds a lot of color. To add the mouth and hair, use paint fabric from a tube.

It is fun to add the G for GRU on the overalls with the fabric paint too. Let all of the glue and paint dry for at least 6 hours before picking bag up.

What to Put in the Felt Craft Minion Bag

The bag can be used for so many things. Here is a list of what I think would be fun to put in the bags for a party gift to send home with attendees.

More MINIONS Ideas

There are tons of fun ways to craft up great projects with the minions theme. This one is sure to be a favorite. Most kids love Perler Beads!

Snack mix is a great idea too. It would be perfect to put in the felt craft minion bag. Grab the recipe and make this one right up. Trust me when I tell you it is delicious and adorable.

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Felt Craft Minion No Sew Goody Bag

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