Easy No Bake Alligator Cookies

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These adorable and delicious cookies are perfect for all things themed with gators and crocodiles from zoos and wildlife to pirate party snacks.

Nutter Butters are such fun cookies, shaped like nuts. With a little imagination and creativity, that shape easily translates to a gator! Whether you choose to use green frosting or candy melts, these are sure to be a welcomed snack at your next party. NOTE that these are not acceptable for kids with tree nut allergies!

Ingredients for Nutter Butter Alligators

We call this a halfway homemade recipe because the cookies are basically already made. These are the best go-to recipes for quick and yummy snacks/desserts.

Parchment Paper – This is the BEST way to line baking pans and dishes. It is great for pouring melted candy too.

Directions for Gator Cookies

Melt the candy in a shallow dish in the microwave for 30 seconds and stir. If it is creamy and ready – great! If it needs a little more melting time, add 15 seconds at a time until ready. The trick to melting candy melts is to do it in small increments.

Dip the cookies in the melted green candy. They do not need to be done on both sides unless you want the extra hassle and the extra sugar! Place on parchment paper covered cutting board.

Add two candy eyes right away while the melted green is still gooey.

Next, add the teeth and place on parchment paper!

Once all of your cookies are done, place cutting board in the refrigerator until the candy hardens completely. These cookies are PERFECT to eat as a snack with a good pirate story. Pirate Girl is such a good one but hard to find!

I love this book too! Lyle Lyle Crocodile!

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