Easy Peasy Cake Pops with Dunkin Donuts

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The other day my bestie (Laura Neiman from Housewife Hellraiser) stopped by and  asked me to go with her to Dunkin Donuts for some awesome iced coffee. I always love the entire Dunkin Donut experience that starts with the color scheme…orange and pink!  That probably sound super silly but to me, colors matter and driving up, it’s the first sense that gets hit.  Next of course is the smell when you walk in and breathe in all that sweet happiness.  My eyes always go straight to the sprinkles!!!  We ordered coffees (and donuts) and spent a little time just relaxing and chatting over the yumminess.


And then I bought some donut holes to bring home.   I decided to test out making them into cake pops.  It sure seemed like it would be easier than baking the cake mix and trying to get it all round and workable.  Ta Da!  It was a totally smashing success.


It was sooooo simple.  I stuck in the lollipop sticks and then dipped them in melted chocolate and poured on sprinkles!


From now on, this is my go to solution to adorable party cake pops!


Try it!  It is totally worth it…super easy, totally yummy and festive too!

Cheers to Donuts, Chocolate and Sprinkles,




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