Excavating Fairy Eggs Treasure Hunt

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It is the first day of spring.  YAY!  It is a perfect day to share this awesome excavating fairy eggs treasure hunt.  This is a fantastic (and super fun) activity for spring, Easter, fairy parties or family time.  We believe in fairies.  We have signs of them all over our home and yard.  Our love for the fairy world makes this activity all the more fabulous.l  I am excited to share the entire treasure hunt worth of clues (in printable form) and an example of the fairy I excavated from an egg.  This post is sponsored by MindWare but the ideas and opinions are my own.  These would be SUPER cute in a Easter basket but gosh, they are a great stand alone activity too!  The eggs I am sharing in this post are called Dig it Up! Discoveries:  Fairies.

Okay, let’s start by setting up the treasure hunt.  To use the clues I made, you will need these five spots in your home.

  • Washing Machine
  • Pillow on Bed
  • Bathtub
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Front Porch

Start by loading a basket with a fairy egg for each participant in your hunt, or two or three!  These are the eggs I used.

Let’s set up the Excavating Fairy Eggs Treasure Hunt!  Print the clues first.

Cut them apart.

Roll them up and tie them with ribbons.Place them in the spots listed above.  Place the last “clue” in the basket with your eggs to be excavated.

The last clue for your Excavating Fairy Eggs Treasure Hunt ends up on the front porch.

The last clue tells the participants to find their fairies in the eggs.  Be ready with cups of warm water for each participant and newspapers or a work surface.  It might get messy!  Each egg comes with directions and a tool.

There are lots of fairies that might be found.  This is the guide that comes with the set of 12 eggs.

I excavated one to see how it works.  I have to say, it was seriously harder than I thought and tons of fun.  It took me a good ten minutes to reveal my GARDEN FAIRY.

I am now really wanting a friend for her.  I think she needs a tree spirit.  The question is, do I excavate eggs until I find one?

If you are in need of a fairy word search puzzle, you can grab this one in a post I shared a while back.

Fairy Garden Word Search Puzzle

And now, the best part!  Do you want to WIN a set of twelve fairy eggs of your own.  You can enter right HERE!  Note, if your kiddos would rather have a dozen dinosaurs to excavate, we could do that too instead of fairies.

This is what the Dig it Up! Dinosaur Skeletons looks like.

Cheers to Fairies, Adventure and Magic!




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36 thoughts on “Excavating Fairy Eggs Treasure Hunt”

  1. Not only does my little girl just love fairies we have a fairy garden and this would be perfect for her.

  2. Dinosaurs because my grandson is IN LOVE with Dinosaurs. But fairies for me because I think they are really cute. So it’s a toss up…

  3. Tough call – my son would want the dinos but my daughter would love the fairies. My daughter’s bday is sooner so let’s say fairies!

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