Giant Reindeer Gift Tags

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Giant Reindeer Gift Tags

These giant reindeer gift tags are perfect for adding to packages or making garlands. Creating darling gifts that are wrapped in creative ways can be so simple and fun.They are super fun because once made, any message can be added which makes them 100% perfect to personalize. Reindeer make me think of the magical parts of Christmas.  Animals that can fly and spend their days playing games make me happy to think about.  The tags are put together with my favorite tape runner, the Mega Runner.  This post is sponsored by Xyron but the ideas and opinions are my own.  I am excited about making these giant reindeer gift tags with my friends at my next Crafty Happy Hour!

Supplies and Materials for Giant Reindeer Gift Tags

To make these darling giant reindeer gift tags, you will need the following supplies and materials:

  • Mega Runner by Xyron
  • Scrapbook Paper in Black, Brown and Red
  • Kraft Card Stock (Each tag is 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches.)
  • Cricut Machine to Cut Out Shapes (Or You Can Draw Them)
  • Reindeer File (FREE to Download)
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon or Twine

Directions For Making Gift Tags

Start by cutting the pieces for the reindeer out on a Cricut Machine.  The reindeer can be sized in Design Space.  The recommended height is 7 inches.  If you are creating a large garland, you might want the reindeer to be larger.

Put your reindeer pieces together with a Mega Runner.  It is heavy duty and will adhere card stock together even if it is textured like the brown piece used in this project.

For small pieces (like the eyes and the ears), stick the paper on to the runner and it will grab the adhesive making it easy to stick to the reindeer face.

To create shiny red nosed reindeer, add red Stickles to the nose and let it dry.

Cut the kraft card stock corners on one end to give it the look of a tag.  Use the Mega Runner to adhere the reindeer to the tag.  Punch a hole to add twine for tying the tag to a gift.  Use black marker to add a message.

The Mega Runner is the perfect tool for paper crafting.  It works with such ease and strength which makes it my favorite.

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Reindeer Milk Shake

If you want to make a fun treat to enjoy while making these adorable giant reindeer gift tags, these shakes are delicious.

Reindeer Shake:.
Cover rim of jar with candy melts (while melted) dipped in sprinkles.  Freeze to harden.
Blend 1 C chocolate ice cream with 1 C ice and 1/2 C milk
Top with whipped cream.

Reindeer Milk Shake Holiday Drink

Furthermore, cookies are always a good idea for snacking while making.  Chocolate Candy Dipped Oreo Cookies are super fun too.

Oreo Reindeer Cookies Close Up

Additionally, you could do all three of these fun reindeer crafts and snacks to turn it all into a reindeer party.  All you need is a printable to go with it!

Happy Reindeer Crafting,

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